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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

1. lulu dk 2. 3. united thread 4. 7. olaf hajek 5. vladimir savitsch 6. little robot 8. lisa congdon

I shall become a master in this art
only after a great deal of practice.

Erich Fromm

I've realized, I'm just gonna have to paint + draw my way out.

The only way I'm going to discover my creative self, to uncover, to recover the artist in me is to paint & draw. Not to think & to plan & to analyze the shit out of everything - a very relieved sigh

I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to arrive at this new & sparkling revelation. An idea so simple, so straightforward, so gentle & easy that I guess it defied scrutiny - for scrutiny was madly searching for something far more complex ... as usual. So lest I waste too much valuable time not getting to the act of painting and drawing my way out I'll try to be brief this morning.

there is no right or wrong
for now, there is only make and do

Hooray !

This week's Get Your Paint On summer assignment is to

Find a painting by another artist that you love. Take an aspect of that painting (imagery, color palette, paint application) and incorporate it into a painting of your own. Take this assignment as literally or figuratively as you wish.

What I love, what inspires me is growing & developing with a speed that makes my head spin and with a humming intensity which makes my heart soar - these 8 images are just some of the things that inspire me NOW. & speaking of inspiration & L-O-V-E - oh Pinterest I do love you - an online inspiration board, scrapbook ... I'm crazy, obsessed with pinning & repinning + Flickr archiving is such a good thing.


  1. They are all beautiful. The owl is amazing.

  2. oh man, you know I'm loving the examples you put up so I can't wait for your painting and drawing your way out of your current dilemma.

  3. Hey Shammy - the thing I'm painting & drawing my way toward is my own creative self. The dilemma is simply to learn how to be comfortable in my own creative skin - you wouldn't think it would be that difficult but it's been such a hard transformation from designer (being art directed pretty much always by someone else) to becoming an artist where I'm directing or expressing my self ?!? N'est pas ??

    xoxox S, Missy Darn D & the rest ;-)

  4. Beautiful , each and every one .

  5. Have you ever tried to make a visual rendition of how you see yourself artistically? THAT would be interesting.

  6. Wow, a fantastic selection. Inspiring, I had better get painting.

  7. WOW!! What crazy interesting selections...

    P.S. I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon -- now following you! :)


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