ah the sea

Thursday, June 30, 2011

ah the sea ... & a 2 minute walk from 29 Black Street - the view from the end of Water St.

psssst ....

wanna know a secret ??

I have a job interview today at on of my most favourite places ... the post office ! uh huh !!
it's for a very casual, part time, (foot in the door) post office clerk position here in our little village and I'm so psyched ... my interview's in the nearby bigger town at 2pm today.

crossed fingers & paws please ;-)


  1. fingers, paws all crossed here.

  2. I just crossed everything possible there is to cross and I may go force totally random people on the street to cross stuff.

  3. :-) merci !!

    I know through les grape vine that I do have some stiff competition ...

  4. and if I had dew claws.... by all means they would be crossed too!
    Good Luck + tail wags,

  5. 2 min walk! ..sigh..
    you are living the life! :)

    bonne chance, chéri! <3

  6. Good luck with the interview! I'm sure you'll get it!

  7. Fingers and toes crossed here, the dog's paws are also crossed.

  8. What is so interesting about this is that I have ALWAYS fancied a job as a postmistress:) If my post office wasn't in a not-very-nice dark Lawton's, I would have applied to help out the few times they've posted notices.


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