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Friday, July 1, 2011

beautiful, if not a bit fussy, columbine - from the back gardens at 29 Black Street

I'm being serenaded by pipe & drum bands as I type this - there's nothing sweeter. I'm of Scottish heritage & something in my cells causes goose bumps & chills when I hear this music.

It's July 1st - Canada Day & the Gathering of the Clans celebration in our little village.
A day of kilts & bagpipes. Highland dancing & Scottish games. Crowds & cottoncandy.
Fish & chips & fireworks. Carnival rides, a parade, plenty of flag waving ... & fun.

We've decided to stay home and stick it out this year, last year we got outta dodge for the better part of the day touring along the Fundy coast through Joggins, Parrsborough, Five Islands & more. But after yesterday's trip to the nearby town for a mini hardware store & grocery shop & my postal clerk interview ... we decided to stay close to home. There's yard work to do, firewood splendidness happenin', gardening, napping, reading ... Hey !! it's a holiday !

My interview went very well I thought. As good as good could be and the 2 people interviewing me were both charismatic & lovely. Thanks for all the crossing of toes, paws & fingers ;-)

and right back at ya N. for reminding me to get my funk on ... merci !! + speaking of funk.
I was young, impressionable & oh my, I so knew all the words (& moves) to this great song


  1. Your day sounds lovely. Enjoy your time at home with your cowboy.

    Talking parallel lives again - I just found out about a job I'm going to apply for...

  2. good luck MS !!! paws & fingers crossed for you !!

  3. Thanks Susan. Much appreciated. It will be a somewhat more lengthy process of application than yours, but I'll update when I do hear something.

  4. Scottish myself, the sound of the pipes makes my heart sing. Wishing you loads of good wishes on your interviews!

  5. Happy Canada Day, Susan and friends!

    Did someone say "funk on"? Search for "gaye grapevine montreux". "What do you mean, something funky is goin' down, Frankie?"

  6. hey sue; thx for the EWF blast - maurice white is the grandfather of everything cool in our universe! happy c-day, et bonne chance avec canada post. cheers- n

  7. thanks John!! (copy/paste)

    Marvin in amazing

  8. How wonderful to hear the skirl of the pipes in Nova Scotia !

  9. Happy Canada to All! I can hear the music from here... actually, mom has it playing in her little studio. Your Columbine are so different from ours....the state flower for us here in Colorado (Rocky Mountain spp.).
    Tail wags,

  10. Hey Moose !! Actually I love the Colorado columbine and have planted live roots of columbines that are similar this year - hopefully next year they'll be blooming - Happy 4th !
    woofs, pats & kisses from Missy D & Sam


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