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Friday, July 8, 2011

just a handful of the zillions of photos taken recently of Peonies avec handsome photo assistant

Yesterday was my birthday. I awoke to this thrilling !! occurrence. About a month ago I submitted my new botanical collage drawings to M. bowiestyle at Print & Pattern (another of my perpetual favourite design blogs) and promptly forgot about it. Yesterday, on my birthday she featured me - and my stuff - hooray !!. And all day long, & continuing today, there has been an unbelievable amount of visits (some very lengthy) to my portfolio blog as a result of that feature. Bonjour Creative Empire ! Merci P&P !

the song I can't get out of my mind (& happily so) - from the new VW Golf ad


  1. Happy Happy Birthday, you are like my mom...a youngster in doggie years, woof and many treats to you. The feature is TRULY superb, LOVE it.
    Tail Wags always,

  2. whew! #1 and #4! good heavens!!
    lovely work, sue. and congrats on the p+p feature. hooray!
    happy friday - n

  3. That first picture is one of my all time favs of yours. Really, just exquisite.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Susan! Anything is made to look good in that pewter pitcher. Where did you find it? Thanks also for the P&P link.

  5. Happiest of Birthdays --as you should celebrate well into the weekend of course with your prince and your paws!

    beautiful photos--love the chocolate tones with the soft pink and the textural pewter pitcher. and the dresser is gorgeous unto itself.

  6. Merci !! Merci !!
    & John it is one of my most favourite objects, that silver plated pitcher came from my grandmother Flo's house an absolutely wonderful magical childhood place as was she.

    Under the spout near the bottom is engraved

    by the

    December 6th

    I'm afraid I don't know what club ? Don't know anything at all about it's provenance - as they say on the Road Show (also a fav of mine).

  7. Happy Birthday Susan.
    Best wishes to a great year ahead !!
    The first photograph is stunning.

  8. Susan! Happy Belated B'Day...... congrats on your recent feature, you do produce some amazing stuff. I remember Flo's house and my occasional visits there to learn batik, tie dye, and , oh yes, yahtzee!! You were my only childhood friend who shared a "creative spirit" and it's so wonderful that you have built a life filled with all this beauty!!! Wishing you and your Cowboy all the best that summer on the East Coast brings....the West Coast ain't too bad either!There are no mosquitoes or black flies here...........really

  9. Happy Birthday, Susan.
    your peonies are gorgeous.
    thank you for all of your beautiful images.

  10. Such exciting and wonderful news! Happy Birthday, fellow July girl (mine is on Sunday)!

  11. Happy Birthday! May the year ahead be full of blossoms and success.

    Your blog is an essential stop on my early morning meanderings on the web. I am quite lost when you are late or absent! The photos of your garden, blooms and animals fill my day with beauty. Thank you for continuing to inspire with your designs and glimpses into your life.

  12. Great story about the pitcher, and the mystery of "the Club". Do you see a resemblance to your dandelion prints, or is it just me?

  13. Hi! I was one of those visitors :) Beautiful photos of peonies (my fave too).

  14. Much-belated Happy Birthday!!!

    And, again, THAT PITCHER. Wow, just wow.


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