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Thursday, July 14, 2011

the sweet peas are just beginning to bloom ... sighing

anxiety is the rust of life,
destroying its brightness
and weakening its power


at its worst it makes me feel sick & broken, like I wish someone would bop me on the head with a mallet and knock me out ... not to wake up again until days later when hopefully it's retreated.

currently reading The Chemistry of Calm by Dr. Henry Emmons & Things Might Go Terribly, Horribly Wrong: A guide to life liberated from anxiety by Kelly G. Wilson & Troy Dufrene


  1. I know that feeling! I too need a bit of head-bopping at the moment.

  2. thanks Chez xos we could (virtually bop each other-good... ready, set, go

  3. Anxiety sucks...and 2011 seems to be the year for it. Thanks for sharing the book you're reading...hope this can address the anxiety I'm feeling with the economy right now. You know...The things out of our control that have such a profound affect on how we live from day to day... the simple things like food, electric, etc. Beautiful flowers...as always...I do love visiting here with all the lovely photos of your flowers....they give me calm...much like your book. Nature the healer. Thank you for having an eye that knows how to display the beauty of each flower to its fullest potential. xo

  4. I know how it feels to feel rotten. Uncontrollably. Unfathomably. Unwell. Mentally...

    Wishing you some peace and understanding without the meaness of the mallet.

    Love and Kindness.

  5. After months of ever-mounting anxiety, I find myself in a state of calm, trusting, peaceful anticipation that all will be well - it already is. And looking at why, it's because I had been looking in the wrong direction for solutions, with a closed mind. Of course, I still have to pinch myself to check that I'm not dreaming, but slowly, slowly, I'm starting to feel that 2011 is going to be a very good year - at last!

  6. I think the comment above "wishing you some peace and understanding without the meaness of the mallet" is lovely.
    My mother and I spent some time with her sister yesterday. We were once amused by what we reasoned the unnecessary idiosyncraticity of her anxiety, but it has mellowed now to encompass much more compassion.
    Gentle with ourselves and each other seems the way to go - however, if you insist Susan, I can offer a quick mallet wollop if you think it will help!!xx

  7. no bopping allowed! The shots are truly beauties...hey, did you mat + hang your photos?
    Tail wags,

  8. sweetpeas are my absolute favourites... my grandpa grew the bestest - and the best peas!
    and please don't resort to the mallet... you sound like you need to be the gentle mama to your anxious self... let her hold you, stroke your hair and whisper, 'it'll be ok... it'll be all be ok...' *hugs*

  9. Those sweet peas are so lovely! Visiting your blog is always a breath of fresh air. Thank you for sharing the books you are currently reading. I will recommend them to my husband...he is going through a particularly nasty period of terrible anxiety. Hugs to you all!


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