quiet + grey

Saturday, July 30, 2011

quiet and grey along the harbour this early morning

A quiet mind cureth all

Robert Burton

Amen brother Robert ! My oh my, it has been what I would categorically call a humdinger of a week - intense emotion & drama stuck to me like a shadow in the noon day sun. Happy, excited, interested emotions along with plenty of the exact opposite - fear, loathing, more fear & general daily upset. Headaches & pains in my stomach the physical effects of a brain churning so fast with too much thinking, analyzing, brooding & occasional self punishing - ya know just in case.

Today is quiet & grey, a little chilly for mid summer and I'm happily ensconced in my studio space sitting here at the TTD*, Miss D snoring in her bed at my feet, Oliver watching birds from his wide windowsill, pillow topped office and I'm working on a collection of baby/children's giftware for a company that hopefully will love it, produce it, market it & sell it ... summer 2012.

Happy weekend to all ...

A happy life must be to a great extent a quiet life,
for it is only in the atmosphere of quiet that true joy dare to live

Bertrand Russell

*TTD - teak topped desk


  1. Oh Susan...These photos are just lovely...So soothing and calm.

    I'm sorry you've been feeling a cavalcade of emotion...I hope you can channel it into some good pieces...Though I don't think it's be good for a children's line! :)

    Some have been suggesting my stomach issues of late are from stress too...Is this a common side effect for you? I've never had it before at times of great stress but things change.

    The last quote reminds me of the Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times..." I think it is so true...At least for me.

    I hope it's a calm and happy weekend for you and les gang!

  2. I love quiet... both inside myself and outside myself. Quiet soothes me.

  3. Thank you for those photos which provided a brief window of calm for me in an also difficult weekend.

  4. I would like a more even keel of emotions at the moment and can relate well to what you've written. As much as I like grey, it's one of my favourite colours - I like the burst of brightness with your flowers at the end of the post!

  5. Beautiful quote - and the emotions sound natural given the new job situation this week! So glad the first experience was positive.

    Note: I bet Bertrand Russell didn't have kids. Haha


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