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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

three paintings from the Ande Cooke studio - Raindeer, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, BlackBird

Ande Cook - aka (our friend) Chickory is doing a fantastic series all week long on her blog about painting & the creative process. I am thrilled beyond words to watch daily as she works through a start to finish 40" x 40" inch painting she's submitting to a national juried show. She'll take us through her process (& materials) from her original concept (the whys, hows, whos & whats), through the drawing, her colour palette choices, the process of painting, the layering and what I'm most looking forward to is how on earth she achieves such an amazingly rich, textured, multi-layered painting brimming with so much hidden (almost) imagery + iconography, to finally how she knows it's the end ... & her painting is finally finished. Her upcoming ASAP deadline may help with that ;-) Wow !! thank you Ande ... what a thrill this week's gonna be.

just heard on Q - Canada's indie rock sensation - the new pornographers - catchy, catchy, catchy


  1. I certainly didn't expect to come over here and see my own work blink up! Thank you, Susan, for passing along the "work in progress" blog project to your readers. Of course, its a bit edgy to publicly reveal the process of making a painting; things can always go south. This is a challenge for me, to paint so well known a person, heck, to paint a person at all - it just hasnt been my interest. Im excited about my week and its been fun taking the photos along the way -something you are really good at documenting. Are you still doing the summer get your paint on?

  2. I've had to put a hold on my painting for a bit as I work on three gift/product design collection pitches with a deadline of Aug 5th. Hopefully all 3 will be chosen and produced and sold summer 2012 - it's a royalties gig "but" I have big plans & plus d'ideas to get going on my paintings. You are a huge inspiration and I am truly thrilled that you are doing this and I bet you will be really happy that you documented you're own process too ! Can't wait for more - I think Flannery looks great and your description of the overall concept gives me goose bumps - you go girl.

    tons of love Missy D, S & les GAng

  3. I'm a happy collector of Ande's work. She does some amazing stuff. Here's looking forward to peeking behind the process curtain.

  4. these painting are simply stunning!! i can hear the colours singing clear across the globe!! thank you for the link, i'm now popping over to see the lady in action... :) thanks again!


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