love, love, love

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

oh my how I do love a duo...

there are only two ways to live your life
one is though nothing is a miracle
the other is as though everything is a miracle

Albert Einstein

my life
my imperfect,
yet achingly perfect ...
beautiful life.

July 13th was this blog's third (4th*) anniversary. I always mean to mark the anniversary, perhaps even in some big spectacular (give away) way but every year it slips by me unnoticed. I've missed a daily post here & there but for the most part it's been three (four) years of every single day - thoughts & images. Tears & joy. Sadness & beauty. Fear & wonder. 3 (4) years of my beautiful life. mine. all mine. lucky, lucky me.

This blog has & continues to be the single most caring & therapeutic thing that I've done for me.
Gathering these photos last evening I felt my heart would surely burst with love. love, love, love

thank you to all who visit here.

a note from a graphic designer - the very fine white hairline between these duos is NOT supposed to be there - please pretend that you can't see it - merci ! xo

* please see comments for my thunk on the head ... like I could've had a V-8


  1. I read everything you write, but rarely leave a comment. Your posts are always beautiful, casting light on a different world, a different continent even. Such is the wonder of the blogging world. Thank you and Happy Birthday. Or, Penblwydd Hapus (in Welsh!).

  2. Has it only been 3 years? It seems like I have been reading (and enjoying) your blog forever.

    And, I do notice when you miss the occasional day.

  3. It does seem it's been longer than three years; maybe because you've been through so much? Congratulations for setting a goal and keeping to it - I hope it has been a great experience for you.

  4. Happy 3, that's forever in dog years!
    Tail wags.

  5. I am a proud member of the Susan Stalker Club. Happy Anniversary. Hot Pink Homemade Marshmallows for EVERYONE!!!!

  6. Susan Stalker Club! LOL

    Happy 3rd Anniversary!! :)

  7. Thank you all

    Veg artist your comment thrills me because I do see that different world also & do try my best to live there as much as possible.

    & blue heron I am going to get back to the daily posting - because that's really much more who I am obsessive compulsive - une peu). All or nothin'. Halfway just doesn't work for me ;-)

    Lorri, honestly it hasn't just been a "good" experience for me it's been a great experience, life changing in that I can see myself through my blog in a way I never could before ...

    woof Moose caught your 10 things in No.10 of UCase Woof !!

    and you betcha!! the hottest pink marshmallows are now on my to-do list xo Shammy & Chez !

  8. Susan,
    Happy Blog Birthday.
    You are first stop every day and on those occassional days that you don't publish, I have two feelings - oh I sure would love to read Susan today and we are lucky to have all of those other days that you do publish.
    The photos today and everyday are wonderful, so enjoyable, so colorful. It lets us see what you see.
    Another Susan Stalker Club member, Kitty

  9. Thanks for spotting me in UP, did you see that Geninne's son had a pet portrait in there too! Please send us marshmallows to toast over our fire, kinda like when Dad gives me pnut bttr..humm. Enjoy your day.

  10. beautiful!!
    congrats on your 3rd anniversary!

    your blog is a really inspiring place and I love came here to put a smile on my face.

    gracias Susan!

  11. oh my goodness it seemed longer because it was longer (thunk!) yikes Mathematics was never my strong suit. Happy "4th" blog anniversary to me & les Gang (thunk, thunk, thunk ;-)

  12. Ahhh... I was thinking it had to be more than just three!

  13. Happy Anniversary Susan!! I've been away from blog reading and I see in my Google reader that I have ten of your posts to catch up on - I'm clearly in for a lovely morning of reading! All the best and here's to another anniversary - and more!!

  14. And thank YOU for keeping on with the blogging, through good times and bad, joyous and sorrowful, scared and adventurous. It's been a privilege to share in the unfolding of your oh-so-interesting life, and I hope you'll keep it up for a long time to come. x

  15. Happy Blog Anniversary Susan. 4 years! Have enjoyed your posts and beautiful photos. Long may it continue, such a lovely blog from your fascinating continent so far away from mine!xxx

  16. simply gorgeous photos!!and thank you for your lovely comment :) i read 'the artists way' a number of years ago, though i keep thinking i could do to read it again... :)

  17. i love that your blog is therapy for you because it (YOUR blog) serves that same purpose for me. i come here to see beautiful photos that brighten my day. i read your honest words about living and loving and enduring. i become creatively inspired. and i say a quick silent prayer of gratitude for my friend susan who teaches me so much about myself every day. ((hugs)) and congrats on 4 years of blogging~


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