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Saturday, July 2, 2011

the beauty shots from yesterday's 29 Black Street back garden July 1-apalooza

We all stayed happily sequestered dans the back garden the whole day - the music on the stage in the park that edges our harbour is a stone's throw away so we enjoyed both live & recorded music all afternoon. I puttered (what I do best), the dogs Miss D & Sam took turns working on their individual big digs and that darn Prince continued on with his splendid fire wood project.

Now normally I like the photos on this blog to be beautiful, perfect, well lit, styled, even staged a little perhaps ... sometimes but I thought it might be time for a little truth in advertising with a smattering of very real life shots from the extensive lands of S. Black, mostly of our big back yard & including a surveyors drawing of our lot - if you compare the size of the dwelling to the remaining area, and we have a fairly large house, you can see maybe why it formerly completely overwhelmed me and I dreamed so of my Prince with a chain saw & a pick up truck - all the time but dream no more ... he's here. Today he's mowing ... I ask him ... but he won't let me help :-(

I sure don't call the him the Prince of ATG (All Things Good) for nothin' -

dotted line on the survey indicates newly moved (by himself) 4 ft green chain link dog fence

oh and the Prince kneeling - he's venerating the recently transplanted 300lb asparagus root balls a very large thriving patch of asparagus was growing curbside, abandoned just up the street from us so the Prince asked permission to move it to our yard, then he did move it - at least 300 lbs of tangled root filled soil - thankfully it seems to be doing well in it's new spot - sighing


  1. Susan-I think these photos make me more homesick (and jealous) of all your other posted photos!

    Such a lush yard--the dogs must love it.

    I won't even start with my asparagus envy.

    Enjoy what looks like a lovely weekend. I'll be seaside very soon and am so looking forward to it.


  2. Good morning, Susan et al!
    I, too, just love those photos! So sweet and idyllic...the day looks just like the one we're having here. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful - truth in advertising is lovely in this case!

    Your tribute to your Prince brought tears to my eyes...

  4. That man... those dogs.... your life..... sigh.....

  5. The thing that's quite miraculous is "he" loves, LOVES to be doing stuff (and there's nothing he can't figure out how to do). It's not like he complains about any of it - it's his medicine in life - working on projects. Your right Rach !! lucky us!

  6. great shots. Your place looks awesome
    Benny & Lily

  7. Why your place is practically a plantation.

  8. Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Gasp!! Congratulations to all of you at Black Street for encompassing a fulfilling life.
    The photos are wonderful.Thanks for the smiles you bought me with this.

  9. such great photos Susan, I think they still are perfect!

    love the way of organized the wood!! your prince is so clever!

    kisses to the handsome Sam and all the gang!!

  10. Hi Susan,
    I enjoy ALL of your photos and your writings.
    I particularly enjoyed these, the 'truth' as it is such an inside look at the plantation you have created. My goodness that is a huge yard - the Prince is truly a Prince to take care of it.
    Love the photo of the stacked wood, all the cut edges and of Bleet bleeting hello. Love all of them.
    You are my first stop each and every morning.
    Best, Kitty


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