fish truck friday 2

Friday, July 22, 2011

trout pan fried - dusted with flour salt & pepper topped with thin slices of lemon

served with oven fried new potato wedges (simply tossed with a tiny bit of olive oil) roasted
turning occasionally in a hot (425) oven. Dusted with sea salt. Our favourite heap of veggies salad, a base of wasabi arugula & baby spinach, peas, corn, thinly shaved raw asparagus, sweet onion, zucchini, tomatoes ... tossed with splash of olive oil another of apple cider vinegar, a good big pinch of brown sugar & a tsp sized blop of grainy dijon mustard. Yum, yum, yum.

My sunny photo studio aka the sun porch has recently been transformed into his most excellent sunny workshop. Today's fresh catch - whole arctic char which we will barbeque - stay tuned !!!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE Fish Truck Fridays. You know, I usually bypass trout for more adventurous fish. Yours looks simple and delicious. Arctic Char bbq sounds yummy but now I'm going to have to wait until next Friday.

  2. Looks wonderful! John and Elizabeth have been going fishing in the evenings when it cools down some. They haven't caught much, but they sure are having fun.

  3. terrific! first it was bits, now a drill. bodes well for date night.

    btw. happy belated birthday!!

    hows get your paint on going?

    i make a pecan butter and brown sugar trout. its good. trouts a great fish. im going to work on getting trout to hang out in my creek so i can enjoy them 2 ways.

  4. Love the juxtaposition of the fish and the power tools. Haha

    My favorite thing in the whole post? The casual use of the word "our." Verklempt.

  5. You're very lucky I wasn't wandering past when you dished this up !
    I'd have pulled a chair up and scoffed the lot in seconds . Mmmmmm.

  6. Trout and drill . Why is it combinations out of the ordinary stand out so ?


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