fish truck friday 3

Friday, July 29, 2011

a 2-3lb arctic char cooked on the charcoal barbeque

I simply added a sliced lemon and salt & pepper to the cavity. Plopped it on our pizza pan avec small holes (or use a proper fish basket). It probably took nearly 30 mins turning often. We ate big slabs of this smoky perfectly cooked (by the Prince) fish with one of our heaps of veggies salad. Missy D, Bleet & Sam all connoisseurs of les fine seafood enjoyed bits & pieces as well. Yum!

This week's catch just in - fresh tuna for sushi, smoked haddock for noshing and another beautiful arctic char for the barbeque.


  1. I'm loving fish truck Fridays. Don't get too much Arctic Char down here in the Midwest although I see there's an Arctic Char fish farm in West Virginia (????.)
    Simple preparation wins every time. You know, now that you're having Fish Truck Fridays, the cats won't let you stop.

  2. This fish apparently came from a fish farm here in Nova Scotia - Bleet will tear my leg apart if I'm not continually dropping little bits for him to scarf down ;-)

  3. beautiful. im jealous. and hungry. stomach is growling. how was your fist day as the mail lady?

  4. I love being a mail lady - LOVE IT !! in my weirdly, way overly keen way that Sue & Rhonda are praising me plenty for. Rhonda teased me yesterday that my crouched sneakered stance & look of extreme focus back in the postal box area, while sorting envelopes into slots, looked like I was competing on a game show ;-) or perhaps post box sort Olympic style.

  5. More perfect fish ! If you keep this up , I'm emigrating ....

    Congratulations on new job and (weirdly...?)keen start . I delivered Christmas mail for a couple of years as a student . My first day didn't go nearly as well as yours . I fainted .

  6. Greetings S & S (weirdly ...??) in that slightly overzealous manner. They don't call me All or Nothin' for nothing ;-)

  7. hey sue;

    been crazy busy with the show, but i just saw you got the canada post gig - congrats! (and here's hoping there's still a post office in the future!)

    your delicious-loking fish could very well have come from the farm about 5 mins from our place, over in bayswater.

  8. Of course here in Colorado, Artic Char is really not a fish we talk about!!! But, we do use words like sushi + tuna!! Is that a USPS box I spy in your home?! How can a little kitty tear your leg apart...ha, ha, ha.. ours would just use a chain saw and not worry about the mess.
    Enjoy your weekend + tail wags to all.


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