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Monday, July 25, 2011

magnificent coral pink poppies from a butterfly seed mix, edging our wee vegetable garden

and poppies too

Two fantastic new library books currently bedside Wicked Bugs by Amy Stewart - you have no idea how many times in my life I have said I could have, I should have, been an entomologist* - sigh there's barely a bug I don't enjoy. When the book Jaws came out in 1974 I was a young teen and although the book terrified me completely I became instantly obsessed with sharks & seriously contemplated becoming a shark scientist. Sadly math & sciences were never my strong suit so I had to settle with amateur enthusiast and remain keenly both to this day. Demon Fish: Travels Through the Hidden World of Sharks by Juliet Eilperin is both heartbreaking, fascinating - a humdinger of a book for any shark lover.

Now I just need some scuba lessons ;-)

* bonjour !! amateur entomologist club


  1. Plus there's that deep water thing...

    Did you see the great white JUMPED ONTO A BOAT???? Perhaps he was auditioning for the re-make of Jaws?

    Hot Pink Monday.

  2. oh yeah ... I forgot about the extreme fear of water deeper than 10 feet. Merci Shammy Sham xo S + D (and Oliver too)

  3. AND it's Shark Week on the Discovery Channel - hooray !!

  4. You know I had to come back and look at those flower picts again. I know they are real flowers (with real bugs) but the way the light hits the petals, they look like the tissue paper flowers. It's fascinating. Beautiful and mesmerizing.

  5. and they're hot pink.

    I think poppies really are my ultimate No.1 favourite just for that gossamer-ish tissue paper reason.

  6. Two more for my reading list. I hope they have short chapters.

  7. One of daughter's friends is a shark scientist and he travels all around the world. She did some house-sitting for him recently and I was privileged to see some beautiful photos on the walls of his amazing travels and adventures...and I know what you mean about the bugs. That section of the museum would always fascinate me as a child, the diverse colours and array on offer and wanting to draw them.
    I would have loved to be an archeologist Susan, and I'm sorry to say I can't subscribe to the "it's never to late" theory. My poor old knees and back couldn't take it these days - not even the recreational digs!

  8. Wow ! Pam your daughter's friend would seem like a movie star to me ...and I know what you mean about it being, perhaps finally "too" late - but you can live your life as an amateur anything & everything - happy thing that is. xo S & les Gang

  9. that looks like a great read...i cant believe how much you read! and then you also have time for shark week? im impressed. Love how the poppies have that crepe paper look to them and the color is gorgeous.

    You asked me a few months ago about my painting process. This week I plan to post every evening what i did making a painting to enter into a national juried show. Today i did the drawing. Its a 40 x 40 so i have a lot to accomplish. deadline for submission is this sunday.

  10. & Amy oh my ... the wicked bugs book - it is wickedly good, in fact it's one I'm going to have to purchase. Creepy, + yucky in an oh so very good way xo S.


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