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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

8 x 10 acrylic on canvas - a work in progress - I'm thinking I just may draw all over it - yikes

Making art breaks us open in ways we could not ever expect,
and in ways that are difficult to explain to others.
It can be both incredibly painful and awesomely exhilarating.
Every painting you make, whether it is a complete disaster
or the best thing you've ever done, is a step in your journey as an artist.

Lisa Congdon - Get Your Paint On (co-instructor along with Mati McDonough)

Uh ! Huh ! Right On !! Lisa
& off I go to let Ira tell me again ... have good taste, keep on keepin' on & embrace my suck !!

In this week's assignment composition-I'm combining it with last week's colour (a limited palette of 4 colours) & trying to see if I can marry my recent collage drawings with pure painting.

So please ... don't feel compelled to comment because I commented on your lack of commenting

thumbnail sketches & ideas for this project - bottom right the one I ended up using.

thanks Chez for reminding me of my 2011 anthem


  1. boom boom booom
    even brighter than the moon moon mooon ;)

  2. aww chez, ya made me grin
    ear to ear
    merci beaucoup xoxo

  3. I'm enjoying seeing what you do with each week's assignments. You've made me laugh with your last comment, and 'embrace your suck' is wonderful. I should make that my mantra!
    I like the simplicy of subject and colour palette in this one.

  4. I love this Susan.
    There is no need to draw all over it! The simplicity and the colours are perfect.
    Hope summer is treating you well!

  5. i agree w. andrea - it's perfect like it is. embrace your simplicity! less is more!

    no, no! cover it with a profusion of beautiful little doodads, intricate swirls and found scraps of text.

    decisions, decisions - don't you just love being an artist? tee-hee!

    happy sunny days - n

  6. I think it is beautiful in its simplicity!

    xoxoxo ♡


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