the lilacs are done

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a huge bouquet of mostly stolen lilacs, Miss D and I refer to it as some neighbourly pruning ;-)

the lilacs are done again for another year but not without enjoying them immensely both for their beauty & their fragrance and of course obsessively taking a zillion photos of them. Sighing

Oh Bohemian Tarotscope (introduced to me by Amy from Making Space) I do love you so,
each Monday, when I check what card you've pulled for my Cancer week, I sigh with happy relief
This week beginning Monday if you are a Cancer read up - the Four of Pentacles.

This card comes up when insecurities undermine your ability to participate fully in your spheres of influence, as if you undervalued yourself as a commodity. This could be about your finances directly, like with regard to stocks or properties or other investments, but just as often it’s about your sense of self-worth impacting other areas like relationships or a job search. You don’t need to put a fancy spin on what you’ve got, or worry about what you think you don’t have enough of…you are more than enough just as you are in this moment. This week, find reasons to value yourself – there are plenty.

Am paying attention also to swallow (objectivity & perspective) & porcupine (innocence & wonder) medicine and their messages for me (two unusual visitors to my world on one particularly trying, tres frustrating & angst filled day last week). But today, this week in fact, I'm happily busy with lots to do here at the TTD*. Game 7 tonight - Go Boston !! (yuh huh !! I did say Boston) they're all Canadian anyway and we here at 29 Black Street believe whole heartedly that Boston deserves the Cup most & not to mention favourite Nova Scotia boy, Brad Marchand.

promise an update very soon on all the recent amazing projects that you-know-who's been up to.

* TTD - teak topped desk


  1. Thanks for the links Susan. Can't wait to see the finished projects.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Susan! Love me some Tarotscopes. Little gems with lots of food for thought. You can also cheat and just randomly read some other ones - they're all good. Heh. I usually just read my Sun and Rising signs though.

    Lilacs don't last long then? They're beautiful!

  3. Fabulous pictures :) I love lilac in all its colors. It always remind me of spring.

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