nearing the forest

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

much adored nephew Mike is in Hong Kong - oh my how I wish I could have gone to visit him

Adventures don't begin until you get into the forest.
That first step in - an act of faith.

Mickey Hart - Grateful Dead drummer

It's been a year and it's gone by so quickly. A year of continued drifting, drifting with a purpose, drifting with some navigation ? Is that even drifting ? or is that just how it feels ? oh, I wanted so much more – I always want ... more. But I think, maybe, just off in the distance through the mist + the fog I can see the shoreline and beyond that the line of trees. I hope so. I must believe so.

ps I sure do LOVE this photo - taken with an iphone - of course ;-) thanks Michael !!!


  1. Not quite as passive as drifting, I think; more like allowing the current to take you....

    Who knows where you will end up?

  2. your drifting seems to have a purpose and is delightful to me and i so hope you can continue to do so. i love visiting you each day. i feel i may be drifting as well altho my little house and little life and little part time job are all fitting together nicely. i'm on the brink of making a decision to move in with my mom and help her manage her home, health, etc. i spend so much time there already in the garden and with the chickens. a decision must be made soon.

  3. Susan, I like those photo. Do you think he used the hipstamatic ap?
    I also loved the dandelion photos. I had been out the night before photographing them and appreciate even more how lovely yours are.

  4. My daughter is moving from NY to Hong Kong in two weeks! Uber cool pic!

  5. Interesting analogy Susan, drifting.
    I often feel I am chugging away on course, but the other day felt "be-calmed" as in the Ancient Mariner sense. Drifting is certainly better than the energy-sapping fighting against the current I guess!
    I see drifting as going with the flow,so hope it takes you to where you'd love to be!
    Pleased to be catching up with your recent posts. I've had trouble with blogger and needed a bit of space before I ground my teeth down! Love the photo of Michael.

  6. Great photo!

    The drifting imagery is so familiar... may the line of trees soon become visible on the horizon...


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