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Monday, June 27, 2011

Get Your Paint On - Summer - Week 2 - Lilacs- assignment (cropped detail) - Susan Black

Mixed media - 10.5 x 17 on water colour paper -
Please check out the many stages of "can this painting be saved" ugly here

& some of the, far too many to mention, creative works inspiring me now
Bonjour Ira !! I do believe I've got the good taste thing pretty well sewn up ;-)

now it's just ... practice, practice, practice
paint, draw, paint, draw, paint, draw, paint, draw


  1. The detail and quality of the pewter jug gave me a jolt of "wow, this is new" was so unexpected. It seems like you have unearthed something in this piece. Did it feel like that to you?

  2. Bonjour best friend MLou !! Overall I'm pleased and I am particularly happy with how my silver jug turned out. I wanted the rest of the piece to contrast in style (much looser & free-er)It took a long time and it suffered through many, many phases of "this painting is screwed" but overall I do think Yes! I am in a big excavation phase - it feels as if I'm unearthing new stuff all the time.

  3. oh my! I had the same reaction to this as I had to the geraniums... WOW! I actually recognized the jug from your photos first... soooo lovely, Susan!

  4. Aaaaahhhh!! Love it!

    And I'm still on the Ira Glass comments about taste and the development of skill. Thinking about it a lot. A. LOT. Thank you for that the other day.


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