Friday, June 3, 2011

Hamiver - uh ... I mean Oliver, I.M. Handsome (tres athletic, handy, really smart, etc*...)

The cat is above all things, a dramatist

Margaret Benson

ya think ????

Some outtakes from Oliver's recent photos shoot for his multi page spread in PlayCat.

* agile, sensitive, sweet, playful, dedicated, handy, smells nice, soft, excellent bug & spider hunter, keen killer of mice, art director, photo assistant extraordinaire, design associate, parkour master, protector, comforter, best-cat-ever, yada-yada yada


  1. cats always look a bit insane. but this one is indeed, handsome as all get out.

  2. these photos made me smile! i'm considering getting another cat -- a kitten -- just like you suggested. we shall see how this plays out. ((hugs)) to all!

  3. photos 1, 7 & 8 are worthy of a Playgirl spread. Oh my, what a handsome dude.

  4. Oliver thanks his vast international fan base (he's preparing paw printed 8x10 glossies as I type).

    He really is the most amazing & best combination of feline/canine quirks qualities + characteristics. I've known many a cat in my day ... and he is truly exceptional.

  5. Millie gave a green-eyed glint of pure jealousy when she read these admiring comments. Oliver is HERS, she says!

  6. Dear M. Millie,
    (avec les petite nose noir)

    Worry pas mon amour
    My heart is taken ... by you
    My love ... until we meet

    xoxoxo Oliver

    ps. please, stay off the busy streets of NuT. I understand you may be moving "closer" to moi, and to the country where, surely, you will be safer - 10/4 my sweet xo O.

  7. Well I am in love, what a handsome fellow. Great photo shoot. He is a star.

  8. He's very handsome! What a lovely cat.


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