the lesson

Saturday, June 11, 2011

some recent moments from 29 Black Street & Missy D & my walks about this little village

Learning is hard, the worst part is that the big important kind of learning doesn't actual feel like learning it feels most often like shit. The most difficult & profound learning happens without you knowing it's actually happening then a few days go by, a week maybe & suddenly you thunk yourself on the head and think woah ! I learned so much from that awful, terrible sucky experience ... that's the lesson

always be nice,
especially to you


  1. Yeah - I just had a realization about myself this morning that, while it doesn't exactly suck, is more evidence that needing to give myself a break is pretty much a constant thing.

  2. Beautiful photos, it looks a lovely place to live. There is always something to learn from bad as well as good experiences.

  3. Don't know how many times I've thought "there must be a lesson to be learnt from this".Sometimes the hindsight comes many years later, but the time it's always difficult.
    It's winter here, so you must be enjoying summer days, and very pleasant walks.


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