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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

quince / ocean / in mlou's garden / the best falafal ever Mezza / Herring Cove hike / waterfront Halifax / mlou / in mlou's garden / buckwheat savoury crepes from the Farmer's Market / more Herring Cove views / the view from my bedroom / gorgeous pink heather / geology

watch your thoughts, for they become words
watch your words, for they become actions
watch your actions, for they become habits
watch your habits for they become character
watch your character, for it becomes destiny


Friday's itinerary - Arrive in Halifax around 11:45 have a lunch date at Mezza with Shelagh Dufflet (better known as Alice in Paris Loves Art & Tea) MLou has to go off to an unexpected press check so she drops me off & Shelagh & I have a big ol' gab about the life of a creative entrepreneur so much to talk about we barely scraped the surface. Ate the most delicious falafal, hummus, stuffed grape leaves & assorted pickled veggies evah - yum. MLou joins us a little later for her lunch & the 3 of us carry on gabbing. Next stops Love Me, Boutique & Inkwell who both sell my wares (drop of some owl postcards for Andrea to give away at Inkwell's upcoming first anniversary celebration !!). Final stop Deserres (wonderful big art & craft supply store) where I purchased mostly gel pens & a shocking amount of neon pink implements ;-) Raced home for the Prince's 6pm how's-Winnie-Dixon-faring telephone call (at this point she has not left her bed under my desk : ( she doesn't like it when I go away). Cold drinks & much more chatting in MLou's spacious new big kitchen then back in the car with Missy J (Jigs the Wheaten Terrier) to Bedford for much talked about fish & chips food truck. Oh my - hand battered haddock, handcut fries with malt vinegar, sea salt & ketchup + tartar sauce and/or hot chili mayo for dipping fish - oh & let's not forget little paper dish of creamiest coleslaw - I die !! chat, chat, drive, chat home again to the house in the beautiful woodland park setting - chat, chat, chat bedtime.

It is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so

William Shakespeare

Relaxing, invigorating, inspiring, exciting, satisfying, calming, reassuring ... I just feel so much better having spent my 2 days away with MLou but it's really difficult to pin point the exact reason for the incredible relief I feel. The one thing I'm noticing most is the desire in me to stop thinking. Oh I start down that well worn path, often (shockingly so) but I stop myself because where I'm headed is a big ol' ponder/worry about all the eggs & potential eggs & maybe a few unwanted eggs + some much desired eggs in my basket - a terrible, productivity killing, habit that's gotten much worse since my creative business life has gotten bigger, bolder, wider & busier. But, so far, it's only day 2 I start having those thoughts & I stop myself. MLou & I discussed all those eggs in great detail, we made plans, set goals, examined ideas, made decisions, chose directions I left feeling - ahhhhhh. It's OK - she took the big heavy load I've had on my heart, head & shoulders & said no worries let me carry it for you - you just get stuff done, one thing at a time.

We've been friends 20+ years. She knows me, she trusts me ... she completely believes in me - enough to make me believe in me too. It's the 3rd year I've visited her in May/June. 2 years ago when I visited I was just about to embark on this can I make a living as an artist/illustrator life - can I leave my increasingly unfulfilling product design (do exactly what the client asks job) behind & develop my own creative style & personality & build a self sustaining Creative Empire that is about me (licensing & illustration gigs that want the Susan Black style). The last morning over coffee we decided these annual meetings we've been having, where the main topic of discussion (though we fit lots more topics in too) is figuring out my business, are our most excellent agms - annual general meetings.


  1. ..."a shocking amount of neon pink implements"

    Shocking to whom?


  2. to you ?? perhaps
    OK not-so-shocking

    maybe to me - snort
    + neon pink acrylic paint
    sighing xo s

  3. Everyone needs an MLou in their life (and a Susan). A beautiful friendship. The fallafels aren't too shabby, either!

  4. I believe in you for you believed in ME, Susan.

    Sending you a boat load of love, hope, wishes and MANY more of your dreams to come true.

    Much love to you and the furry gang. xo

  5. Oh how I love the travelogue! So great to be inspired by a trip and a good friend. Also I'm very jealous of all the food you ate...

  6. The perfect break - dear friends, food, talk, laughter, change of scenery. No wonder you feel refreshed and energised. And Winnie will have been thrilled to have you home again!

  7. loved this - whenever you and MLou get together. tell me again - what camera did you buy? Incredible in both your eye and the equipment. have fun!

  8. Sounds likea great trip. Thanks for filling me in.

  9. Thanks sweet A. I'm amazed & thrilled with your ever blossoming talent. You must take photos of your show.

    Chick my camera is a Canon G12 & I have a really long, over the shoulder, camera hangs on my hip nearly, strap an essential element when carting your camera everywhere - I'm loving it - for a pretty simple point & shoot - it does amazing things most of which I don't yet know how to do. All my photos are taken with the auto setting/no flash ever xos

  10. CLEARLY this trip was FOOD FOR THE SOUL!!! Love the pictures! Want that falafel!!!


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