oliver & virgil

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the pillow stuffed wicker basket/box with a harbour view, open window & privacy curtain is "the" new hot spot at Black Street

and yes we have a firewood rack behind our squishy cushioned slipcovered living room sofa ... Virgil

those darn owls - I'm working today on a custom owl collage trio - for a family Dad, Mom & child - so fun ! will show you the finished piece tomorrow. ps. 13 year old Nessie (Bleet) is likely outside hangin' with his dog Sam (on the picnic table).


  1. I need to find you an owl bank to put your owl profits in.

  2. I spy a raised bed in photo 3. Yours?

    Last photo is a killer. Cats certainly have mastered the art of relaxing.

  3. Yes John - our ever growing veggie plot - this year the Prince's domain (only). I shamefully grew flowers among the vegetables, a wild tangle of butterfly/hummingbird mix - The P. likes a neat & tidy veggie patch (be my guest says moi) no fleurs with veggies it is ;-) so I'm busy making new beds for all my poppies, cosmos, hollyhocks, sweat peas, naturtiums, calendula, zinnias... did I say poppies ?

  4. Waiting for my turn in the pillow stuffed wicker basket box with harbour view :)

  5. Hey Chez ! We've saved a spot just for you ! xo S + Gang

  6. They are beautiful!


  7. Oh Susan, love the cat shots. The second is my favourite. I'd love to curl up in that window sill box with the cats.

  8. Very cute, love it !


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