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Sunday, May 20, 2012

photos from last May & les archives - still haven't figured out my camera uploading business (sigh)

Bells, whistles & happiness. 

I haven't stopped taking pictures, thankfully my new camera's memory card holds about 1400 images & bonjour to that !! I did something the other day hit a button, turned a dial, something ? by accident & now my most recent images taken are of a square format. Which is OK I used to have a Mamiya 2.25 camera years ago - the negatives 2.25 x 2.25 and at that time I really loved a square format. This new camera of mine the Canon PowerShot G12 has loads of bells & whistles and from what I can tell they're all great b's & w's. I just haven't had the time (or inclination truthfully) to study my manual. I also haven't had time this week to go to Lynda.com* & take myself a tutorial re: Adobe Bridge, iphoto & uploading images (thank you to Moose for the helpful email) ... it's on my list for this week though. 

I had the most glorious day yesterday. Farmers Market, buying bedding plants & tiny new perrenials, hanging laundry on the line & then spent all afternoon hauling dirt & mulch, planting my new little plants & moving things around to new just created beds while the prince planted our wee vegetable garden.  I don't think I've ever had a happier day ... ever. We barbequed last night & sat outside in the back with the dogs and the birds and then watched the movie Milk (I for the second time). Such a great movie about a great man ! From the movie's excellent soundtrack - tell me you can stop yourself from dancin' to this one. Ah disco. 

* omg   CS6 ?!?  I'm still using CS3 - more sighing ;-) oh my but wait this Creative Cloud monthly plan sounds fantastic


  1. Reads like a most excellent day, especially the way it ended.

  2. just gorgeous images *sigh*
    i'm glad you had a lovely, lovely day :)
    ahhhh! disco! so glad it didn't die with queen donna... bless her funky soul... xx

  3. The happiness that seeps down deep into our ever-striving bones is usually full of sunshine, rest, and simple things.
    I love the way happiness catches us unawares at times, a stretch while partaking of a sip of fine beverage in good company,face to the warm sun.
    Lovely images you've captured Susan.

  4. Digging in the dirt, hanging laundry and planting stuff -- my idea of a wonderful day too ! Then getting ready for bed with that wonderful good-tired, feeling.

    Glad you had a marvellous day.

    My favourite shot is the window sill photo of the two vases.

  5. Just in case you want to change the aspect ratio....

    have fun + tail wags,


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