Saturday, May 19, 2012

some food we've eaten lately - we're hooked on sprouts & pea shoots 

asparagus / tuna devil eggs / sprout salad / toasted tomato & cuke sandwich on the best white bread / cheesy somethin' or other with sprout salad / Salmon loaf, vegetable mix & oven roasted fries 

Duvet covers, a necessary evil. & getting the duvet cover on the duvet, isn't that another activity that just sends me. Why is it so hard to do ?? Tips ? Tricks ? Anyone ? Unfortunately we have a pile of great down (summer weight & winter weight) duvets so it's damn duvet covers for me & what's up with my fitted sheets. Went to my linen closet this morning & found a billion flat sheets where are their flat sheet mates ??? I've been to the market & the garden/annual/baby perennial market, have a load of laundry (including a duvet cover) waiting to be hung on the line (there is nothing I love better than crisp newly laundered sheets smelling of sunshine, blue sky & fresh air -LOVE) & then a dog walking adventure & into the garden I go to get lost with my plantin & a weedin" ;-) Happy Victoria's Birthday (long weekend in Canada) to all !! it's the beginning of summer here in cottage country.


  1. Dang, girl, you can cook! Your salads are such creative cornucopias. Sprouts and pea shoots on my groceries list now.

  2. Hey John & Pam ! sprouting your own sprouts is such an easy thing to do check out this PEI company & their sprouting dept.

  3. We love pea sprouts over here too-nothing tastes fresher than pea sprouts. Unless of course it is a toasted tomato sandwich! Oh my.

    Dang duvet covers. The bane of our existence.

    I have 2 solutions to the problem:

    (1) Grab the 2 short sided corners of the duvet. Lay the duvet cover flat on the bed. Reach up into the corresponding 2 short-sided corners of duvet cover while still holding the actual duvet. Remove your hands. Grasp the same corners now from the outside.

    Now go and shake the whole thing over a railing or stair well. the cover should shimmy its way down over the duvet.

    If you don't have a higher-level area to do this, find something a bit taller to stand on. It may look ridiculous, but I assure you it makes the whole process "somewhat" bearable.

    (3) Get the husband significant other to do it--of course, once you have changed all of the sheeting. You know, so it "appears" fair.

    Veseys seeds. My greatest childhood memories of my grandfather are of his garden and his planning in March and starting seedlings all mail ordered from the Vesey seed catalogue.

  4. hey thanks Janice ! & so glad I brought you a few more Maritime traditions & memories. We do have a stairwell & I will try your method tonight. I've been out in the garden all afternoon - I just can't stop.

    Ahh ... the cucumber & sliced tomato sandwich {SIGH}, mayo, salt, pepper, must be homemade white bread toasted with maybe a teeny sprinkle of sugar on the tomato slices to bring out the sweetness. A big glass of ice tea, a hammock, a good book & a dog ....

    Are you coming East this year ? if so we must meet & have coffee - I'm very shy in person also xo Susan

  5. Susan-

    Sometimes the way you describe things it is as if you are living my memories (if that makes ANY sense at all).

    I am not sure if I will be in NS until later in the year.
    But, YES, we should meet and have coffee or lunch (or a beach walk, since those are v-e-r-y scarce out this way). I am an introvert/homebody type, but chatty at the same time. I can be shy, but if my family heard me say that they would laugh.

    Hey, we both like being home, we both enjoy food, we both love our animals, we love the creative machine. I am sure we would find something to chat about, no?

    Happy long weekend,

  6. Actually my family & closest friends would scoff also at me saying I'm shy. Give me a minute or 2 and I'll be chatting a mile a minute - it does sound like we have "so" much to talk about. I'll look forward to it. xo s

    Just did the dang duvet - your tip helped a lot ;-)

  7. Oh those meals look delish. I just use the duvet cover with nothing in it. lol

  8. How about using one of those heavy duty clips to hold the corners in place? Then when all straightened out remove clips.

    My grandma used safety pins but that puts holes.


  9. Susan, this food looks AWESOME!! I can practically taste it through the pictures!

    When we are changing our duvet cover, we turn it completely inside out and lay the down-filled duvet right on top of it. Then we use those clips at each corner to secure it. Next, we go in from the opening at the top and run our hands (hubby and I do this together)all the way down to the end and then grab and pull the end (duvet & cover together) back through the top opening...which completely reverses the duvet cover over the duvet and it all comes out right side up. Then we button up the top opening and lift it up and shake it so everything fits as it is supposed to. Really takes no time at all.
    Toasty sleeping!


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