Monday, May 14, 2012

tulips in sunshine - terracotta gardens

OK - so I'm trying to not spend so much time on this blog but still keep it an everyday visual (+more) journal of my (our) life. Uploading 20 photos (after spending too much time sizing, editing, tweaking etc ... ) cannot happen that often anymore. I'm tres busy with deadline driven projects - all kinds of them. Hallelujah ! (uh huh you hear them too -,that chorus of angels singin' in the background). I recently began blitzing the world, my dream client world, with a 3 page promo PDF of my illustrations & a bit about moi. Big dream clients like Chronicle Books, Madison Park Greetings, Anthroplogie, Lilla Rogers etc - about 18 submissions to begin les blitz. I heard back that very same day from the first "hey ! we love your work Susan" & then a few others continued to arrive over the next 2 weeks ll with assignments & projects. Bonjour happy as can be !! Bonjour newly found, once again, confidence !! Hello !! stack of audio books to listen to as I while away the hours drawing, painting & collage-a go

• jewellery project - 24 necklaces & 6 bracelets
• several freelance greeting card designs for UK client Em at the PaintBox
• oh my - 6 garden flags & 6 doormats (a licensing deal - oh boy ! les understatement)
• writing an article (with photos) for well known crafty magazine about my work & the process :-)
• keeping amazing retailers Inkwell and Dots & Loops well stocked with product
• 2 custom collage owl pieces (more on that later)
• 4 new collage typography pieces of my own
• creating the new photo club blog the Passionate Observer

I'm sure I'm leaving something out ... so you get the gist, lots on the go - I need to be as efficient & productive as can be so that all this new work can be pleasurable + fun - no holding of the breath s'il vous plait.

Also had to share this amazing lil' book with you Make Your Place - Affordable, Sustainable Nesting Skills. I bought it at the Halifax Crafters Spring Fling from Alicia. The book is chock full of wonderful info, tips, tutorials & tons of recipes for homemade salves, lotions, potions & all-natural cleaners. The book is written by Raleigh Briggs & available to purchase here.

Almost All-Purpose Cleaner
(smells so good ya can't stop cleaning - true fact !)

1 tsp. liquid castille soap (i.e Dr. Bonners)
I used grated ivory soap
2 tbsp white vinegar
1 tsp borax
2 cups hot water
1/4 tsp each eucalyptus & lavender oils
3-5 drops tea tree oil

I doubled the recipe & it just fills a large spray bottle.
Aromatherapy housecleaning - it's a good thing !


  1. Breathtakingly busy, Susan! Remember back when you used to worry about not having enough work????

  2. I know ... it's fabulous !!
    xoxoxo to the team & the gardner ;-)

  3. Look at YOU, Susan Black! Busier than a one-armed paper hanger as we like to say in Texas!!! VERY happy for you!!!

  4. Congrats on all your projects! Hope you will share your marketing tools with us sometime.

  5. I will Sara - that's a great idea.

    I did try to figure out how to make the actual PDF available for download here on my blog - but my anti-techie brain got fogged in very quickly - will post next week with my new promo/business card.

  6. Hi Susan,

    Your dream client list looks like mine :) Good for you for going for it. You are inspiring me !

  7. Congratulations on the abundance you have created for yourself. Kitty, USA

  8. Susan, I do stop by your blog often, because I enjoy all your postings and fantastic photography. Congrats on all your new projects and best wishes for a very bright future. MV

  9. Oh wow Susan. So glad it's all coming together for you.

    Hey, I'm retired and I don't Blog every day ... don't know how you do all you do !


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