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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hooray! my most recent weekly pile o' books ordered from out public library 

To say I am an avid library go-er would be an extreme understatement it would be like saying I sorta of like listening to CBC radio or I take photos of flowers and/or cats. If I love something, I L-O-V-E it in a big way and throw myself into it whole heartedly. I never ever just waltz into our library looking for something to read (listen to audio books-  or watch DVD's) Oh No, no ... I work les system to the nth degree. I use the online county & Nova Scotia library sights to look up books I hear about on CBC radio (uh huh !!) or books I read about in magazines, on blogs, that friends mention. Thursday is book deliveries day at the library here in our little village - and probably my favourite day of the week because of this almost always thrilling event. Rarely on those days would there be nothing in for me, because I hunt for stuff and am ordering new things constantly. If you don't use your library I can't help but say - shame on you. We need to use it or we might lose it ... I fear. Find out your own library system's web site, set up your library card and start ordering up books, movies, magazines & audio books to your hearts content. Search by subject, words or phrase, author, title ... have a passion ? cooking, knitting, puppy care, gardening, biographies ... libraries truly are a wonderful gift.

Speaking of books & libraries the other book related site I love is Good Reads and I wish more of my reading friends (Hey John, Pamela, Rachel, Norman ... I'm talking to you !) would sign up and then I could friend them to keep up with what they've been reading & what they thought of the books they've read -  Good Reads a kind of Facebook social media for book junkies. Amanda & Andee & Claire are current Good Reads friends + it's a great way to keep track of your own reading lists. Books you have read & the always growing to-read list. So whattya say ?? Want to sign up ? Or if not at least tell me 2 or 3 of your favourite books from the last year. & a big thank you for that.

I'm currently reading The Happiness Project a second time it's a fantastic book & one I may actually buy to add to the Black Street bookshelves (thanks Amanda!) Nerve, all about fear & anxiety (a favourite topic) I'm sure I heard this author interviewed on Q and finally I just started the novel Cost (have no idea where or why I ordered it in - but I did) though I'm still looking for fiction that would compare with the amazing State of Wonder by Ann Patchett my favourite novel in a very long time - if you haven't yet read it rush out and find it (at your library preferably). Would LOVE your great book recommendations please. Summer time is for summer reading ;-)

And oh yes ...   & a particularly fetching photo of sweet-as-can-be Missy Darn D - I love her more than words can say !!


  1. My daughter and I are library people, too, always have been, always will be. I take pride that my small city library has a bookmobile that takes the library to you if you cannot come to it. I always smile when I see our bookmobile on the streets.

    My personal reading habit needs some help. Until recently it was spent on work-reading brought home to stay caught up. I will join gooodreads, but beware, my personal reading is in rehab.

  2. Libraries are the greatest !!! We are so much alike :) Libraries, books, dogs, cats, and art rock my world.

  3. Leigh are you on Good Reads ? if not please consider it, if so friend me please ! ;-) Thanks John - I think you'll like it !

  4. I am a library person too, Susan, always taking out more than I can possibly read in a 3 week period. I love the "on-line renewal" system-- which I use often!

    I heard Eleanor Wachtel interview Tessa Hadley a couple of weeks ago and she was quite interesting, so I set out to read one of her books, which I did and I liked. She describes things, often mundane, in an exactness which I can often relate too. I now have a stack of her books here to wade through.

    I also really enjoyed Gerard Woodward's trilogy about the Jones family. Eccentric and sad both at the very same moments I was captvated my this family.

    The Woodward books are, in order:

    - August
    - I’ll Go to Bed at Noon
    - A Curious Earth

    I also really enjoyed his short story collection, "Caravan Thieves". I have since read all of his fiction works and am now just patiently waiting for more...

    I have a system as well where I have a designated notebook with titles that interest me, magazine clippings of book recommendations and another section where I have requested books that the library doesn't currently offer. I find when I include all of the ISBN's and publisher info my requests always get fulfilled.

    As a child I remember the bookmobile visiting our tiny, tiny town and I would always walk to it with my grandmother. It was the absolute highlight of my summer days when this happened because of course I would normally be in school when it came round. My grandmother would take out books for me on her card. I am certain this is where my love affair with the library began.

  5. Ah, Susan, SO glad to hear that you love libraries! I feel we could be kindred spirits :) My reading has slowed down a bit since I became a university student but I still order books from the library often. One of my favourite things is introducing the wonders of the library to my friends! I'm always shocked when I find out they haven't visited since they were kids - or ever!

    And I do love Goodreads although I don't check in or update as often as I should.

    I just finished reading We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver. So intense! It really made me think. It had been on my "to-read" list for quite a while and finding out a movie was being made spurred me to get it!

  6. Thank you Janice for that lovely long list of recommendations - & Amanda I've taken We Need to Talk About Kevin out from the library twice now. Loved the style of writing but somehow felt afraid to read it ... must try it again as another friend (Val in Ottawa) recommends it highly) also & MLou was reading it when I visited her.

    I read only at bedtime - about a dozen pages & I'm asleep so needless to say that big stack you see in the photo "will not" be tackled in my 3 week period. Your story of the bookmobile & your grandmother so amazing. My mother took my sister and I regularly to our small town library & I distinctly remember the librarian as an exotic sort of woman and also the wonderful, distinct smell of a library book.

    Another fairly recent fav of mine -Jonathan Franzen The Corrections Loved it - very World According to Garp-ish

  7. Yeah for libraries! Our library now checks out Kindles + Nooks (color!). Did I mention we all went and Susan Orlean when she came to, check out The Orchid Thief (book + movie) + her new one RinTinTin.... woof and tail wags,
    ~moose know I volunteer at the library for the children's reading program. My all time favorite is: If you give a Moose a Muffin, check it out!

  8. oopppss... that should say: we all went to hear ....Susan Orlean...

  9. Susan, I love this post and your recommendations. You are inspiring me! Smooches to the adorable Miss Winnie Dixon!

  10. I just finished The State of Wonder- hated to see it end. What a great read it was! I see that you have Bel Canto on the pile- if possible it's even better than The State of Wonder- enjoy! I'm reading her Patron Saint of Thieves now. And a recommendation for you- The Gift of Rain by Tan Twan Eng.
    Love your posts-

  11. merci little mancat !! yes I have Bel Canto - ooh now I can't wait & The Gift Rain ordering it now ;-)

  12. You read really classy stuff. I'm currently re-reading the Sookie Stackhouse series, some random detective novel (female protagonist, natch), the Septimus Heap young adult series, and listening to Pippi Longstocking on audiobook in the car with the kids.

    Libraries are our lifeline.

  13. I love this post Susan...

    When I lived in Calgary I'd say I lived in the Downtown Library...Every single day I was there. They had an excellent cafe at the entrance, a theatre downstairs and an outdoor skating rink across the road...Gosh. I loved it there...The happiest memories of all the cities {Halifax is one!} I've lived in are the libraries. Strange that I just realized that...I hardly ever go here. Will change that tomorrow...The "big" library here has an Art gallery too...

    Geraldine Brooks ~ Year of Wonders {need to re-read}. Ann Fairbairn ~ Five Smooth Stones {another to reread. I read it has been republished. I have never seen it new!}. I see a Rutherfurd in your stack there... :)

    Thanks for including me! Yay! We are twins after all... ;)

    If I read anything that I think you'll particularly like I'll let you know!

    xo to all of you...

  14. I wish I was more of a reader. I'm embarrassed to say that that stack of books would take more than a year for me to read ....

  15. So glad that you ordered The Gift of Rain- and I need to correct my comment about what I'm reading. It's The Patron Saint of Liars,not Thieves! Opps!

  16. hey ! MS I LOVED Pippi Longstockings when I was a kid - I must check out my library & see it they have them in audio format. Haven't read Sookie but have only heard great things about that series much love to you + sweeties (fur & otherwise;-)

  17. In the last month or so, I have read all seven volumes of The Dark Tower by Stephen King, I have just finished Wolf Hall, and am just beginning Bring Up the Bodies.
    I did read Bel Canto and State of Wonder a while ago.


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