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Friday, May 11, 2012

the passionate observer - the habit of seeing - a club for would be photo fanatics

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I have been pondering the guts of my photo e-course offering since I first mentioned it back here. Originally I was thinking it would be 5 weeks in length, set up as a password protected blog with a post from me 3-4 times a week, a lesson each week, challenges, exercises & class participation by way of uploading images either to a group (private) flickr account or directly to the blog itself - say every Friday each person uploads their fav two photos from that week's experience. I began feeling overwhelmed imagining the course in this format. Most of my feeling overwhelmed was about the time I knew I would want to devote to planning such an e-course ('cause y'all know I'm a super planner) & then the time & effort of writing the course with a deadline of mid-June at the very latest. Think, think, ponder, ponder, ponder. It began to seem tres daunting so in my mind (lately a constant swirl of too many things) 5 weeks at 50.00 soon morphed into ... uh ... maybe 3 weeks at 30.00 with a part II if the first 3 weeks went well. My biggest concern through all of this pondering was feeling comfortable & satisfied that I would be providing good value to you, my customers.

Those of you who visit here regularly know that because of my taking the fab e-course Hello Soul Hello Business my Creative Empire building has been spun around a zillion times, turned upside down & is still standing on it's head & because of this big shake up and my actions resulting from the shaking I suddenly have quite a lot of creative goodness (yes I said $$$) work happening and in pondering some more the photo e-course as much as it could/would be fun, challenging & tres interesting to me - photography is an obsession habit of mine & not actually my work, main focus, passion or income generating "thang". It's a big ol' beautiful hobby of mine. Hang on, hang on ... most excellent brain wave solution to all of this just ahead. Ta da

Introducing (kinda*) the Passionate Observer - photo club. I've set up a separate wordpress blog which will be password protected & private. Each week (Monday) I will post a lesson/topic with a challenge each week, occasionally I might post several times a week. We'll cover lots of info from basic equipment (& yes your iphone counts as a camera), light, colour, the habit of photography, composition, colour, basic photo editing techniques (make your pictures stunning), flickr accounts & how to set one up - & lots about the rich habit of documenting one's life visually & daily. The Passionate Observer club will have an annual membership fee of 20. (payable at the beginning a family rate of 40 - Amy & sweeties). Changed my mind I think it should be FREE

I can't tell you how excited I am about this revamped version of my e-course. I know I have lots of good information to teach & to share + there are many more advanced photography related issues that I'll be able to dive & delve into & learn along with our club members. I'm aiming for a June 15th start date, you'll be able to register & pay your annual dues at the blog.

In closing just a reminder that I use a basic (a lil' high end) point & shoot camera - a Canon G12 always set to automatic, I never use a flash, I hunt for light more than subject & honestly I'm not at all a technical photographer (in fact I'm a technical dummy).  I recently got this great book from the library - it just may be our first suggested reading/text The Practice of Contemplative Photography / Seeing the World with Fresh Eyes (Andy Karr & Michael Wood) - their web site - Seeing Fresh If you're interested in joining the Passionate Observer photo club (or even if your not) I highly recommend adding this book to your collection.

* more details coming very soon - promise !


  1. Well, I'm signing up, whenever it starts and for however long it lasts and however much it costs. And if you become too busy to do it, that's good too.

  2. Hooray !! I think this format will be even better than an e-course _ I can't wait to be a part of an ever growing (hopefully) group of keenly passionate observers - I swear it will have amazing therapeutic effects not to mention better photos, better seeing skills. Do check out the book (& website) I've mentioned maybe your own public library has it in stock.

    Collage mixed media e-course is on & scheduled for September - pondering all of that as well.

    happy weekend to you John & A xo S + Gang

  3. ohboy ! - snort
    mapelsugah purchased
    now to be mailed
    blueglass sent
    xoxo s, miss d & sam

  4. are you going to the contemplative photography course in Tatamagouche? Can't wait for your course(s)!

  5. Hi Nancy I didn't know about the Tatamagouche Centre course but I'm not surprised as there is a Buddhist meditational slant to both this book & the concept of "contemplative photography" - I think of it almost as my visual gratitude (& awe) journal.

  6. Yay! this sounds perfectly wonderful... looking forward to it.

  7. Hi Susan, i am the Hermit of all joiners... but I am very tempted by this and believe i would like to join.
    Yikes, I may be moving out of my comfort zone. Thanks.
    (I almost deleted this twice but managed to keep my finger off the button)

  8. fantastic Musing Mama & Gwen !!

    & dear Gwen no worries at all as there is absolutely no pressure to really do anything but visit the PO blog from time to time. Though I'm hoping the weekly photo topics/challenges will lure you into a more full fledged joiner status ;-) xo Susan

    Please noet there in no fee/dues - it's FREE, fun & (hopefully) photolicious

  9. Can't wait for the course to begin! I also use a G12 and just love its lightness and handbag friendly size. Thanks very much for the link to the photographic site.


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