Monday, May 21, 2012

19 squares from the last few glorious, warm, blue sky, summer like, sunshiney days. Lovin' my camera*

If you truly love nature,
you will find beauty everywhere

Vincent van Gogh

I want all you Passionate Observers to know that I use a Canon PowerShot G12 currently always set to automatic. I barely ever look through the viewfinder & use instead the back viewing screen to frame my shots (it takes some getting use to but trust me this habit will change your photographs) because it allows me to hold my camera out and away from me, underneath something, on top of something, low to the ground & very often I just snap away without visually framing at all & see when I get home & upload was surprising shots I may have taken. I especially like seeing how close I can get to my subject and I love experimenting with my vantage point.

That is my secret in a nut shell, nothin' fancy, certainly notta technical note to be found & oh yeah !! natural light ! natural light ! natural light !

If anyone's thinking of purchasing a new camera I LOVE my Canon G12* ! & I don't even know how to use it yet  - the colour and light tolerance of this camera is amazing and it has a billion bells & whistles (if & when I ever get to try some of them) - like this switching to this square format which I did completely by accident & haven't figured out yet how to get it back to the rectangle format. I hope to have the Passionate Observer site up with our first lesson/topic & challenge by June 1.

* & ya know how attached I was to my beloved 10+year old Madam Olympus C5050

Heard this song on fav CBC show Q & loved it ! & yes that's Doobie Brother's ;-) Michael McDonald


  1. so beautiful sunshine !!truly love it !!

  2. Love the square format too!

    I have to say Susan since I first stumbled into your blog you have become sunshine...Your talent and creativity have become weightier. A dichotomy, you {your work} are both lighter and heavier...

    I LOVE the PDF you've made. WELL DONE! Indeed! Congrats.

    Thank you so much for the podcast tip and the understanding...

    The day has just turned grey...But that's fine. I think I'll turn a podcast and clean up a bit!

  3. Hi Susan, you've probably had some replies to your G12 problem by now but if not, press Function Set on the round dial to the right of the LCD, then scroll down the left column that appears until you get to 4:3 aspect ratio and then scroll across the bottom horizontal column and select whatever aspect ratio you want. I hope this helps.
    As ever your pictures continue to inspire me to try different things with my camera.

  4. Loving all your photos, regardless of what cam you use, Susan. You've always had the most incredible eye for photography. :)

    I love the photo of the white, flowering tree. What kind is that?


  5. Thanks Val - such a simple fix and honestly I didn't even try to fix it - sometimes I swear I just give in to technical snafus & Hi A. it's an apple blossom - so beautiful & they smell wonderful too !

  6. Beautiful photography! And to my knowledge, the very first time I have seen the front of 29 Black Street!

  7. I love the shot of the lilacs! They're my favourite flower!

  8. Such gorgeous photos as always...

    you've inspired me to order myself a g12 for my birthday! I was going to go the DSLR route but can't quite afford it so this is perfect.

    Excited for Passionate Observers! Is there a PDF somewhere for this?

    Have a beautiful weekend.


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