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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Danielle Laporte's new bible book of kick ass motivational wisdom + it's stunningly designed

Bonjour 2012 ! first there was the amazing e-course Hello Soul, Hello Business which lit my fire & got my creative business mojo a cookin', now Danielle LaPorte's gorgeous, orange, beautifully typographic, bold, in your face, kick ass, mojo fuel has arrived here at the teak topped desk (via I heard about Danielle first at Dana Barberi's blog & now she and her mojo credo have gone completely viral + she's Canadian !

Watch out ... 'cause you might get burned ;-) - hot, hot, hot here at the 29 Black Street Creative Empire headquarters

action = motivation =  more action

Dr. David Burns from his book the Feeling Good Handbook

= even more action = more motivation = bigger, better, more challenging action - this equation is so true

Danielle's most excellent manifesto- typographic version  & full on video


  1. I'm so excited to have stunbled upon you from another artist friend...she was right...the answer to the questions I've been sending out to the universe! Gorgeous, inspiring blog!

  2. Must be the season - I'm taking Goddess Leonie's business goddess e-course in June. Love the freakiness of calling each other goddesses while devising appropriate marketing plans.

    Here's to women in business, in our own way!


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