hey i.t !

Thursday, May 17, 2012

sometimes bad photos become good - a gorgeous bouquet of les lilacs from last year's village lilac thievery

Hey ! where's my IT guy when I need him - my mac guy, camera, printer ... anything technical at all guy. My iphoto & canon G12 are not getting along & I'm unable to upload any new photos into my iphoto or onto my computer GASP !!! I know let's all gasp again & turn the air blue with a whole lotta cursin'. Stuff like this just drives me, sends me. I now I have to stop what I'm working on to fret & stew & try to figure it all out myself - ergggghhh *!@***/?/ Bare with me as I post photos from les massive & much loved iphoto archives.

I'm listening (as usual) to my fav CBC morning show Q with Gian Ghomeshi he just played this fabulous Men at Work song - oh my takes me back ;-) we'll send this one out to Miss Winnie Dixon's & my dear Australian blog friend Pam


  1. I'm struggling with iPhoto too just now. Maybe it isn't us at all, but it!

  2. I 2nd PS + Bridge! Let me know if I can help... tail wags,

  3. Thanks Susan! Made me smile and re-live the years that song was around!


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