beach buddies

Thursday, May 10, 2012

an afternoon spent completely & wonderfully lost collecting with friends along the crescent beach

hangin' with my most excellent beach buddies - Billie, Juicy & Josie

Oh & the Kingfisher's are back - a favourite shore bird of mine both for their distinctive voice & zooming little-jet-plane-like flying habits. An excellent totem representing - abundance - Well Hello M. Abundance Welcome !! more on these amazing birds here - seems it's always the smaller boys we see zooming around when Missy D & are out n' about walking ocean side.


  1. Looks like heaven to me but I think you wore Juicy out.

  2. he's an old guy but he sure loves the beach did lots of zooming, sniffing, wading, running & relaxin'

    Missy D stayed home 'cause terrier girl can't be trusted off leash ;-(

  3. I always get a little thrill out of seeing your sea glass treasures...

  4. Miss Winnie Dixon can't be trusted even after ALL these years to be off leash for a bit? that's too bad! Love your beach shots! Makes me hungry for sand between my toes.

  5. Great walk. Thanks for taking me along.


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