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Friday, January 4, 2013

Untitled - detail - acrylic on cheap canvas - Susan Black 2012

You are you. 
Now, isn't that pleasant?
Dr. Seuss

Me, myself & I. Be authentic

Be myself  - resolution 2013 Numero 2. When I say Be Myself I mostly mean creatively, I do suppose that there is a tiny, perhaps 10% of me that still needs validation (love & adoration) from the world outside of me but generally speaking I'm pretty cool with dealing with what other's think of me. Sure if there's an incident, if I think someone's dissed me, doesn't like me, is mad at me or spread a rumour about me - sure I feel upset for awhile, but it passes fairly quickly and my mind and heart are onto more important things. I really don't dwell on that stuff anymore. I be myself ... if you don't like my me, well there's not much I can do about that.

But ...

When it comes to my work life, my love life (which is my work life not my romantic love life) I mean my art, my design, my illustration, my typography my creative world & empire - being myself there, in that world, always and as much as possible - is so crucial. Being authentic is what will ultimately bring me success and set me apart from the other creatives in the tres vast field of talent there is out there. Plus it is much easier to be yourself in the end, but at times it can be a battle. I find the chatter in my head (as I cruise around, daily, in the enormous ocean of mind blowing inspiration that I find online - Pinterestfavourite blogs & websites) often begins to feel & sound a lot like envy. Yikes. One must always try to slay the envy dragon. Snippets of chatter to myself as I wander these lush lands of inspiration & competition.

Oh ... look at her* stuff. Wow, that's amazing !

omg  ! her hand drawn script is amazing  
ooh, ahhh ... her colour palette is just stunning
oh my  ... she has so much new work, she must never procrastinate & waste time like I do
I wonder if I should try that style, palette, motif, etc...
gosh ... I need to do more of _____ (fill in the blank it changes daily) children's, floral, abstract ...

After 2+ years of really trying so many things & making many things, of really quite madly trying to carve out a creative niche (empire) of my own - a me style. A definite Susan Black style is finally emerging. When I look at my etsy shop, or portfolio I see a cohesiveness to my look that makes me feel happy + proud. And the icing on that lovely cake is I'm becoming recognized and dare I say ;-) sought after somewhat for my look & style. Yipee ! 2012 was a very successful year for me, we turned this ship around and as I enter 2013 this big ark of mine (of ours) is steaming full speed ahead with lots of wonderful, soon to be talked about here, opportunities & projects. 

I love to be inspired by what other's are up to and it's an essential part of my own creative spirit & process but it is so important as I continue along this crazy & lovely creative journey that I trust me now. Trust myself to just be ... myself. 

Be myself ... 'cause it's working ;-)

interestingly they are mostly creative women - my  darn objets d'envy ?

with the exceptions of illustration heros Nate Williams & Matt Stephens


  1. ok.....I want to have the LAST word here...and it is: YOU ROCK!!!!!

  2. Being yourself is so important. Your artwork is an expression of yourself and it is so important to stay true to yourself :)

  3. A favorite Dr. Seuss quote indeedy!
    Your empire is growing all the time.
    Happy 2013 + tail wags. ~moose

  4. Thanks Sweet Vicki !!
    perhaps our biggest fan ?
    Hi & woof to Mrs. Pao & Moose
    & happy weekend !

  5. holy...WOW!!

    love the flowers. detail?! let's see the whole thing!

    xo n

  6. Bet there are loads of folk out there who envy your work.

    You're there girl.

  7. Oh I have a mental image of that envy dragon - maybe you too should draw it? It may help as a reminder. Just keep this in mind - all those "oh wow, she does that so well, look at her style,etc" - that's what we all are saying about you, and many many more. You have a very distinct style, embrace it.

  8. oh, and I agree wholeheartedly that Nate Williams and Matte Stephens do amazing work - thanks for introducing them to me (previously ignorant) ;)

  9. Hi Allyson - I am a pretty confident person, and especially when it comes to my creative world. I've been doing it, or some version of "it" for a very long time. I do think it's important that others (especially those with less experience) realize that it never really goes away, that dragon envy - it doesn't seem to matter how good you get, how successful you feel - it is a part of the creative process. The secret is to just dive in anyway. I am proud of myself because this year I have really overcome that fear based procrastination - the singe from the fire that envy dragon breathes is "perfectionism" & "procrastination" - the evil P's. xo s

  10. That is great Susan. I understand what you wrote for sure! Can't wait to read about all the goodness coming your way!


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