well hello 2013

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

it's very very wintry here but there's nothing more beautiful than the bluest sky contrasted with shimmering ice and snow

Well ya know I have resolutions, plans, goals, dreams, schemes because hey ! I'm just that kinda gal.
I love it - perpetual self improvement, DIY for the soul

I love a clean slate, an officialish time to begin anew, fresh start and all. I have a new red binder with sections & categories - it's hopefully gonna be my version of Project Life (which seems like such a cool way to document your life). Of course the visual documentation of my life will continue here on the 29 Black Street blog but most of the work/life/love related dreams, schemes, goals, plans,  & of course accomplishments I plan to keep track of in my new Martha Stewart Home Office Collection red binder avec colourful tabs, clear pockets & both loose leaf & gridded paper (wink). There's a word for people like me, but I'm not going to say it here on New Year's Day, it's a bit of an unpleasant word but it's true. Doug calls it quirky in that Oh I better be careful with my choice of words kinda way. Here are just a few of my 10 (nice round number) or so resolutions ... also a few on the side of quirky ;-)

1. Cook more Asian food ... 'cause we really love it
2. Be myself ... be myself, be myself (and be comfortable being that self)
3. Chop off my hair (see No.2) - appointment has been made Jan 15th & I can't wait
4. Write more snail mail, have pen pals* & lots of them - any takers ?
5. Make time to create/make/draw/paint each day !!!!

* I owe snail mail to a few of you already & I haven't forgotten you ... 
Andee, Kathie, Susan D, Rachel & the Team, Sara H, Juliet  ...


  1. I want to be a snail mail pen pal!!!!! I'll email you my address.

  2. Yes you do owe us some snail mail. But when will you have the time???? x

  3. i would love to be pen pal - if you're happy with short notes/cards... my handwriting is still dodgy, though a mile better than it was 5 years ago after the stroke!
    can i email my address?

  4. Hi Claire & I think the secret to this snail mail thing is short notes & cards or small packets with chocolates (kidding - sort of). Yes please do email your address xos

  5. Happy Happy 2013 .... mom had better pop some letterpress goodies in the 'ol mail to you because we are HUGE proponents of pushing snail mail ...hey, that's our business.
    Tail wags. ~moose

  6. Susan, snail mail can be a magical thing. I have a friend back in Ontario I send care packages to. Clippings from local papers, articles etc. Send sends back nic nacs and her love.

    I love going to the mail box and finding a package waiting for me.

  7. Happy New Year to all of you!!! Would love to be a snail mail penpal...but I bet you will be overwhelmed with offers!!! No beautiful weather here...just dreary and cold cold cold!!!

  8. Susan - I'll own up to it, I'm rather OCD and I have to ask why there's only 5 things on the supposed list of 10??? I do like your 5 things though - will we see a pic of the hair?
    If you're wanting more snail mail pen pals, I'm your girl! Just let me know, I'm a strong believer in
    'real' mail and sending a wee pick-me-up to others! Nothing better than imagining someone opening a delightful note or package meant just for them. All the best to you in '13.

  9. I'd love to be your penpal. I've been reading your blog for quite some time now and really enjoy your creativity. I think you'd be an amazing penpal :)

    I blog at mrspao.com if you want to check me out.

  10. Allyson, hello & omg you couldn't be any more OCD than I am, lately I've been really embracing that trait in myself and seeing it as truly a gift.

    I may talk about my other 5 (or so) resolutions eventually on my blog but didn't mention them in this post because either 1. they were boring (a freeze on spending & get out of debt !) or 2. of the more personal nature (finally lose that freshman 15 ... or uh ... 20). Yes you will see a pick of my hair. My hair has been short more often through my life, than it's been long but I get way too caught up in what other people think about my hair - all those curl envy gals who gasp "oh don't cut your hair !" & I fall for it every time.

    Please email me your address new penpal you & you too Mrs Pao - the more the merrier !

  11. I'm catching up with blogs again, easier somehow on a Christmas present iPad, and I'm delighted to see your post-a-day plan for 2013. Will follow with pleasure x

  12. And do chop off your hair! I did, it's like looking in the mirror and seeing ME again after so long! Wonderful! Post a pic on 15th!

  13. Your resolutions are perfect! Happy New Year! xo

  14. I would love to be a penpal, too. I am not the greatest at writing, so perhaps this will be just the inspiration I need. One of my resolutions is also to keep in better touch with friends and family back home through more old-fashioned ways than Facebook. Too much high-tech has us rushing through life too fast. Nothing can beat opening the mail to find something handwritten - too rare a thing these days!

    Would you like a penpal in Japan? If so, my e-mail address is mbi@joy.ocn.ne.jp If you send me your address, I promise you don't have to send me anything until I have managed to send you something first! ;-)

    I do so love your blog and all the photos you post of your life. :-)
    Alison Miyake

  15. P.S. You are inspiring me to get back into blogging, too!


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