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Thursday, January 24, 2013

an abstract painting of ice & sky / Eaton Park (steps from our front door) and the harbour at daybreak /  black pine bows in our front garden / long shadows in the back fenced in yard late pm / ice slabs / a favourite old house along Miss D & my early morning route /  more ice / & snow / a crow / the endless edge of the harbour / Winnie Dixon & 29 Black Street

omg ! I finally joined a yoga class (hooray) I have been trying thinking a lot about somehow, some way fitting a yoga practice into my life, thinking about it since the fall & for many reasons 1.) I sit at the beloved TTD* all day hunched like a turtle, my shoulders crunched up near my ears, my posture is terriblĂ© and I constantly have neck and shoulder strain/pain 2.) I'm as limber as a, as a ... well I'm not limber at all actually - me and limber are complete strangers 3.) yoga is so much about breathing and breathing (as you know) & me don't know each other that well either. I am a chronic breath holder - if I'm at all tense or worried I forget to breath oh yeah ya need to breath you ! & who knew breathing, really breathing could feel soooo amazing & 4.) it is excellent training for quelling the darn monkey mind an affliction that plagues most of us ... and certainly is a demon of mine.

Every Wednesday for the next 8 weeks 10am at the Cyrus Eaton Elementary School (click on Cyrus to see the world's sweetest ginger kitten). Yesterday's class, the very first and my body & mind were instantly making little sweet yip, yip sounds, purring & hhhmmming & aaahhhing and thanking me profusely for paying such good attention and care to both of them. To all of us. Yoga just feels fantastic - it's crazy not to do it. I have borrowed a yoga DVD from the library, yet again it's one I've signed out a ka-zillion times over the last few months, but this week ... this will be the week of sun salutations. Namaste ;-)

ps frigid cold, brrrrrr weather here in North Eastern Nova Scotia with the windchill factor it's -32C - let me tell ya that is cold.
It's a perfect night to have corn & haddock chowder for supper -yum.

* TTD - teak topped desk - merci Harry


  1. Photos #2, 5, and 10, wonderful but gave me a shiver. And I like your house from the side. What's behind that long row of windows?

    Glad to read about your yoga course. You will go from turtle to flippy floppy in no time.

  2. John your comments always make me smile, flippy floppy eh ? oh my I am so far from flippy floppy (at least I think I'm far ?!? - who knows)

    & I'm glad you asked about the that long row of windows, one of which is boarded up temporarily with plywood. It is a gorgeous big sunporch with screened window & door at either end for a beautiful cross breeze on sultry summer nights. Original windows which will be restored, etc..

    Soon up on the Prince's ongoing resorative renovation list - spring/summer 2013. We're getting this big beautiful house ready to sell spring/summer 2014 - yes you heard it hear 1st. Loads more details to come soon.

  3. Namaste! I'm getting back to my yoga practice as well here lately. So calming. Big, grateful sighs.

    One of my yoga teachers tells us to give yourself three breaths... When you get into your car, before you start the engine... Or when you get to work before you go inside... Just pause and give yourself a moment... And breathe. Just give yourself three breaths. :)

  4. Just look at Mr. Fat n' Sassy in that third picture from the bottom. Just look at him!

    Nice to hear about the yoga. Congrats. I've often thought the same about one of the martial arts (one of the gentler, mellower ones!) in that "gee, wouldn't it be nice..." kinda way.

    So, as a compromise - or perhaps as merely a prelude - I've decided to get in better shape. Started with two weeks of the "7-Day Soup Diet" then switched to paleo-friendly cooking. Have lost 12 lbs. in three weeks = whoo-hoo!

    have fun in zen-land. you'll be doing the downward dog in no time flat!

    xo n

  5. I'm very jealous of all of your snow - but perhaps not of your current temperatures... enjoy yoga!

    (Also, my website is now live - check it out at

  6. Gorgeous photos, as always! :) At first, I thought the first one was a white, sandy beach. Must be because my mind has been in Boracay today :)

  7. Congratulations on the start of your yoga practice. I LOVE the title of today's post. (Sun salutations really work, you know!) I have been going to yoga for about 5 years now and I can practically slip into a zen state the moment I hear my teacher's voice. My body starts moving into the pose while she is talking. And yes, breathing is a lost art. Big belly breaths... Good luck on getting all flippy floppy like John said.

    I wanted to say that I am sorry for not having sent you a snail mail yet. I have a little package of tea all bought to put in for you, and just the letter to write. (Hubby just spent 11 days in the hospital, 5 of which dd was home with the flu, so we have been sort of laying low and are just starting to see the sun rise again.)

    All of today's photos are particularly beautiful and match your title so perfectly.
    Alison Miyake

    P.S. Meant to say that I loved the photo of Winn Dixie in one of your earlier posts in respose on the bed. She is always so darn busy, it is nice to see her during her down time, too! Wish she would come visit me and get me out exploring...

  8. These photos are simply gorgeous. The first one looks like heaven to me, except I guess heaven would have to have some trees.

  9. - Hey Chez ! I sure am lovin' the breathing !

    - Noman an email has been sent

    - Amy - hooray ! now why not make your avatar name your name (instead of Making Space - petite branding tips ;-)

    - Amanda hey sweet one ! far, far away from white sandy beaches I'm afraid & -32C brrrrrr

    - Alison, no worries I'm determined to get you a card or note out by month's end because it's on my snail mail to-do list, I have 31 names & addresses - business, family & blog friends for Jan. & I've sent 19, 6 days to go ;-)

    & Judy so glad you love that 1st photo 'cause I sure do too. I just love the endless bare space of it, as you know I've taken a million shots from this same vantage point, through every season. xos

    happy weekend !

  10. thank you for introducing me to the phrase "monkey mind". I personify monkey mind but didn't know it had a name. Mine doesn't stop even to sleep, trying to cure myself of that. I, also, have been trying to find space to try yoga. Congrats on making it to the class.

  11. yoga, snow and chowder.
    recipe for the perfect day.



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