+ a haircut

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

a few scenes from last night & this morning - we're back to dry pavement - hooray + my new short n' sassy haircut


  1. Goog to see the face behind the camera and writing. In photo #1, are you lying on the ground?

  2. Yes John I am lying on the ground

    I have no shame ...one could I suppose just rest the camera on the ground also (or near the ground). I have been thinking a lot about a passionate observers post about "framing" such an important part of taking interesting photos. Not only the interest of the vantage point of from the ground, but also placing the "thinker's lodge" building in the upper left corner, complete but tightly cropped in there.

    obsessed am I ;-) no doubt about it
    and Hey ! where did those chins come from - sigh

  3. Wow! A spanky new 'do AND a self-portrait all rolled into one - lucky us!

    i'm so loving getting back into my morning walks with Conrad, now that the holiday/birthday(s) madness is behind us. back up to 4-5km/daily = whoo-hoo!

    you're looking faaabulous, dahling! xo n

    ps: i love Winnie's expression in #2: "You want me to do what, now?!"

  4. hey n.- many thanks for the compliments.

    What's worse than taking your own photo ?
    answer: posting that photo on your own blog

    I love Miss D most for her companionship out n' about on our walking explorations. She's so patient when I stop to take photos ... she's very photogenic & I think she knows it - a little poser she is xo s

  5. oh my! great haircut!!! and Ms D's picture and expression (at first) made me wonder just who had gotten a haircut! ...our dry roads became covered in the white stuff again this morning... much prettier, but caused me to miss my weekly session in the clay studio (almost an hour away...)

  6. Hi Kathie - I do LOVE my new haircut & it made the girls in the post office* (Rhonda & Sue) squeal with delight - always the reaction I'm going for.

    * most important topic of conversation at the post office is always hair ;-)

  7. Nice 'do! A girl has to spice up life once in a while.

  8. Loverly new "do". I don't lie on the ground for shots any more -- too hard to get back up ! ;-)

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE your new haircut!!! Looks FABULOUS! Miss WD is her usual wonderful self! Love your pics as always! Great choice on this cut!!!

  10. At first I thought oh grass cuttings, then oh Winnie got a cut but I had recalled you stating you were going to do something a bit drastic to your own. I really like the cut and the photo - you are brave to share on your blog - brava.
    Kitty, USA

  11. A note re new fabulous short & sassy do

    this photo taken shortly after departing from Crystal's Hair Studio. She of course "did" my hair - a blow out (I think that's what you call it) with a large round brush, then touched up with a flattening iron - tools I do not own. It will be interesting to see what happens when my curls reappear.

  12. Gorgeous images dear Susan, I love the expression on Miss Winnie's face, the snow, the sky reflections in the water, the flower...so beautiful.
    Your new hair do is lovely, I would love some curls, not many in my hair. A lovely self-portrait, it is always good to see you.

    xoxoxo ♡

  13. Love it all and especially your hair!!!

  14. Your hair looks so darling. Good cut. Hope it is easy for you to maintain. That's the true test, eh?

  15. merci ! merci ! sweet friends
    you make me braver & braver
    xoxo Susan


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