who's handsome ?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

freshly laundered & well worn (pilled) flannel sheets with most excellent bed making assistant & handsome thespian cat

Oliver is.

he insisted that I post all 7 photographs / he hopes Miss Millie sees them and pins them to her handsome, dashing cat board (though he hopes that he's her one & only dashing, handsome cat), he prefers rodents, particularly squirrels, to birds / he's waiting, somewhat patiently for me to create his youtube video channel CATV& he ... is without a doubt the most amazing, handsome, athletic, smart, agile ... dashing .... cat ever.

& speaking of exceptional cats ... do you remember Lil' C, the most adorable skinny ginger cat I rescued from the Cyrus Eaton Elementary School Christmas concert last December 09th. His new mother Wanda just emailed me a happy new year note with 10 or so photos of handsome Cyrus who's name is now Oscar - made me cry. So very thoughtful of her because it's as if she knew - I've never stopped thinking of him. I fell in love with that cat, fast.

ps. for all you fans of 29 Black Street the blog I've decided to do my posting later in the day - change is good ... isn't it ?
My plan for 2013 is to post each and everyday,  though some days may be visual only in content ;-)


  1. Yes, Oliver certainly is a handsome devil! #5 is a wonderful portrait.

  2. Yes, he IS the Clark Gable of cats, to be sure! How about sharing the pics of Oscar??? Love you!

  3. Vicki H. love you too ! I'm going to forward you the email so you can compare his sweet kitten self with his big boy catness. xos

  4. for a second I thought I was reading a an e-Harmony ad for cats.

  5. Sybil ;-)

    he thinks I'm making an e-harmony ad also

  6. Oliver is such a handsome cat. I am so pleased that you have had news of 'Oscar'.
    My cats love the fragrance of clean bed linen whether fresh from the clothes line or dryer if it is raining. They love to help, running all over the bed, weaving or just rolling around purring. Bed making is quite a production here. :)
    xoxoxo ♡

  7. Miss Millie remains loyal.... But she is in continuous disgrace these days, for bullying poor dim Hamish..

  8. Hey Rachel, Female cats (we're all boys at Black Street) can be bitchy, my dear Lulu though I loved her dearly was "difficult" at times to say the least. Oliver is tres relieved and still saving his pennies madly for travel to the south of UK ... one day soon ;-)

  9. Lovely kitty! He is very handsome. I also have two gorgeous handsome boys I brought all the way from England to Nova Scotia. They might have their own opinions about who's handsome and who's not. Just ask Sybil, she's met them!


  10. I will be happy to see your daily posts, Susan! Oliver has an admirer here, too.

  11. Aww, Oliver looks just like my first cat when I was a kid!


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