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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pink, kraft, black & white pattern collection Numero 1 - Susan Black

We are what we repeatedly do,

excellence then is not an act, but a habit.

Rather than fall behind in my Surface/Pattern design class I decided to dive in and create my first pattern collection the only way I know how - with brush, ink, pen, paint, scissors & glue. Scanned everything, did minor touch-ups in Photoshop & created style boards-ish in InDesign. I'm super pleased with my very first pink (of course) low-tech pattern collection.

Take that Photoshop - Kapow !

I'm still contemplating my one little word, the word that will/could/might become my mantra throughout this still fairly new year of 2013. I first thought of the word brave (but realized I actually am already pretty brave), tossed around less, lighten, focus and lately I've been stuck on some d words ...

deliberate, decide, develop, driven, diligence, desire, determined, dreams, discipline*, discovery, dedication, do ... dither ;-)

* discipline as in self discipline - it's a strong contender for my word - although I'm also toying with the idea of choosing a word per quarter, or even per month (such as Andee's doing over at Fit To Be Seen).  I would love to be more disciplined (although I must say I have made great strides in that department).

check out this fantastic list of words... do you have a word for 2013 ? if so, do tell us in the comments& why ?


  1. If it's seeming too daunting to pick a word for the entire year, then why not pick one/month? That way you can throw yourself at each new word with renewed energy.
    I like some of your ideas and some of these from the linked list: achieve, bloom, flourish, leap, rhythm, simplify, vivacious.

  2. Kapow! I thought that was your word of the year. Strong, optimistic, and playful.

  3. Curious.

    I think that's my word. Rather than being a goal, it's more how I see myself and it's what I want to be. Curious about everything I see.

    I like John's suggestion that your word be "Kapow!"

  4. I agree Allyson ... and I think I will focus on a word a month but I like the idea of forcing yourself to start the year with a theme word. Last year's word was "can" and it really did prove to be a powerful force in how I approached many things I'd previously convinced myself "I can't".

    John - Kapow! is my word, but that's an easy word for me (lately) Kapow ! Kapow ! & with a gentle Ninja kick to go with. I'm thinking I'd like this word to be something that's more of a challenge for me. - try tackling something, some part of my personality that most irritates me, troubles me ... or that's getting in my way.

    Dear Sybil curious is an excellent word. Perfect ! I consider "curious" to be my most essential superpower.

  5. Hi, Susan!
    I think my word is let go (or letting go). Yes, I know that is two words... :-) Letting go of other people's expectations, letting go of perfect, letting of belongings that no longer fit our life, letting go of wanting things to be other than they are right now in this moment, letting go of images of who I am, what I can and can't do. I am going to change my mind in a big way this year, but especially in tackling new things that I tell myself I am not good at or can't do.

    It really is a great idea to choose a word. I am intrigued to see how it shapes up.

    I like Kapow! as a word, too, though.

  6. P.S. I had to laugh at the list you linked to. Someone had crabby as their word!! But you could say that that is a great way to notice all the crabby in your life and start to eliminate it. Or maybe she is planning to use her crabby-ness to change the world, one small step for womankind at a time...

  7. My word is yes!

    Kapow indeed, love the artwork!

  8. I love these designs. They would be fabulous in wallpaper, especially that first one!

  9. SUSAN!
    You will not believe this...Last night I was reading the dictionary. Yep. I decided if I had to use words {descriptive words in particular} beginning with one letter for the rest of my life it would the "D" words! Strange...but true!

    I think John has you figured out! :)

    February ~ Discovery. I am ready for this one!

    Love this collection of patterns...Delicate, Delicious, Delightful, Delirious! ;)

  10. My word is "equanimity". I read it in a book about Zen, and I liked the idea of maintaining a positive attitude through difficult times. I looked it up in the dictionary and it said "calmness and composure". I like to see myself as a sailboat, navigating the choppy sea of life.


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