raven & crow

Sunday, January 6, 2013

the most beautiful image I have seen in a very long time. Raven I think (not Crow though I love crows also)

I've been cleaning off my computer. 4 years old this imac is (in February). This imac filled with stuff, files, images, jobs, projects & lets not even go there, to that photo place (between iphoto & my desktop files I swear I have easily 40,000 photos. Some great, many duds and most of the really good ones did make it to here to my blog to hopefully live on in perpetuity long after we're gone.

I've been a pretty good filer over the years. Sensibly labeled folders within categorized folders, within more folders, within folders. So much has changed in my work life over these past 4 years and really the most important files to me are either photographs or high res versions of my art  / illustration / typographic stuff. Everything else could be replaced or lost without too much fuss or fanfare. I'm over the half way mark - which means I will finish (this month). It's an end of January goal & I'm confident it is completely achievable now that I'm off to such an early & handsome start. Just another area of my life that I'm aiming for less in, I want my desktop, my mac to be lean & spare. I'll use a combination of multi GB memory sticks and an external online server such as DropBox  (what a crazy wonderful idea this is ! ) as my archiving sysyem. I'm currently running Snow Leopard but am anxious as soon as the my imac is lean mean & cleaned off & ready to down load the current OS - Mountain Lion.

Liking cleaning out a long forgotten attic. You find lots of stuff, so many memories, things you've had labeled in your mind omg ! I've been wondering where that was, and a few miraculous treasures that you squeal inside your head I'm so glad I saved that. The top image today, a very high res jpg, found and filed in the time way before Pinterest (sad face) is one of those gems. I LOVE this photo, I don't remember where it came from or why exactly I saved it - other than it's pure stunning-ness which I'm sure was the reason and as of yet I have been unable to locate it's author.

I made this raven image my new desk top screen I want it's stark beauty to be a constant reminder to me to keep my desktop clean & spare, tidy all the time. A pleasure to look at. A reminder to breath & to appreciate Raven medicine. Last night still undecided whether this image was that of a Raven or of a Crow I researched both of them in my much loved book, with it's well worn pages that comes with my set of Animal Medicine Cards*. Animal totems & meanings. Raven means Magic, while Crow means Sacred Law but actually reading them both they become perfectly tangled together into a combined meaning that is so applicable & helpful to where I am right now at this moment. They both speak of coming from darkness to light, seeing what's not seen with the naked eye & change, big change is underfoot. I'll take both, thank you Raven & Crow medicine to heart this brand new year.

* choose card readings & get an animal medicine message for today - I've just added it to my bookmark menu for a daily hit of Animal Medicine - truly the best kind.


  1. I wish I were as tech savvy as you, Susan. When my dear departed MacBook died, I lost all my photos because I hadn't backed them up. The Apple store guys told me I should be able to go back through my blog and upload the photos from there back onto my new MacBook. I have to go up there and have them show me how.

  2. Woah. Animal medicine cards. Mine was SO spot on. Thank you.

  3. Being a graphic designer & working on a mac all these many years has taught me plenty Judy but - savvy ?!? now that may be a bit of a stretch. xo S & Les Gang

    sure wish I was mac & Creative Suite savvy, I'm working on it - another resolution for this year - teach thyself !

  4. oh my, what a beauty!! i've been surrounding myself with ravens lately (blogpost 5 Dec), having dreamed of sister raven... turns out in some tribes, the third age of woman (ages 45-55) is the raven age, with the focus on remembering and forgetting...
    powerful medicine indeed!

  5. Crows, ravens, what does it matter - they are such wonderful birds! Lovely image, Susan, thank you. x

  6. Such a beautiful bird, definitely worth saving this image.
    xoxoxo ♡

  7. oh but it does matter Rach, as I'm trying to pay attention to a message I believe is meant for me to hear ... now. Raven or Crow's medicine but have decided to appreciate, and put into action, both. Corvus medicine.

  8. I really enjoyed the juxtaposition of the raven with your Botanica calendar! Have you done any images combing the two?

  9. Hey there Book Queen! Have you read Bernd Heinrich's "Mind of the Raven: Investigations and Adventures with the Wolf Bird". Fascinating book - my mom gave it to me last year for Xmas, and I had it read before the new year! He's a well-known author and naturalist with decades of experience living with ravens. I think you'd love it!
    xo n

  10. thanks n. just ordered it from the library ;-)


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