too many to-dos ?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Sam / windowsill thyme / Miss D in the backyard with setting sun / there's a carb free tuna melt under there - tuna salad + cheese under the broiler topped with salad / flowering basil / from the 2nd floor hall window / Virgil looking very Virgish / a new illustration in progress / the uniform of the* self employed - pink secondhand fleece hoodie avec worn & tattered T / WD & I out walking with the sunrise / Winnie Dixon in repose

Could it be that I'm finally coming to terms with the reason that I'm always feeling like I'm falling behind is not a lack of productivity & efficiency on my part but instead because I have too many darn to-dos on my to-do list. Another transforming gradual revelation. So now the fun part. Which to-dos can I keep and which to-dos need to go. I'll put that on my to-do list.

Interesting article on handling the to-dos better here

*OK & what's up with another photo of moi ? well I'm showing off the new haircut again and I think it's that "be myself" resolution of mine. Transparency & all. Here I am, it's me ... Susan - author of this blog ;-) splotchy marks on very old mirror.


  1. More glorious images dear Susan, a visit here brightens my day. The snow on the ground looks so beautiful with the sun setting and Winnie of course; the flowering basil is so pretty; the setting sun amazing; the glimpse of your latest work; your beautiful pets. I love your mirror portrait, I find they are difficult to get just right, you look very pretty with your new hair style.

    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Picture of Sam is awesome. He has such a wonderful and trusting face. All the pictures are always wonderful, such a glimpse into your life including your self portrait - again brave.
    To do or not to do :) Good article, categorize in large chunks then break down under each chunk into managable smaller pieces - sounds good but what about the stuff swimming in one's head, those won't stay categorized :)
    Best, Kitty USA

  3. I always love your photography, but today's shots of the pups put me over the edge and I had no choice but to send you some love :)

  4. Love Sam's nose and love the new livin'-out-loud you.

  5. Susan, your photos are fantastic, always, but I particularly love today's for some reason!

  6. Now listen to me! You need to find a market for your animal photographs. Things like calendars and magazines and coffee table books. Seriously! That one of Winnie lying on her side looks like the kind of photographs I see in Bark magazine. (If you don't know the mag, I have a sub. so I'll bring you some samples.)

  7. The new haircut is great! I am tempted to be a copy cat. I always enjoy your photos, love to see the animals in your life.

  8. First and last pup shots are wonderful.

    You are just too darn popular girl. Pace yourself, pace yourself.


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