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Monday, January 28, 2013

12 scenes from recent days - the gorgeous golden, orange light of sunset / do you oven fry ? / Sam / Virg / windowsill thyme / playtime with Oliver / Sam in the back fenced in yard / sweet lichen / Winnie Dixon ridin' shotgun while we run some errands / more golden from the second floor window / a mix of sweet & white potato oven fries, roasted salmon with lemon & broccoli / Samuel & his bunny

Do you make oven fries ? - yum & as good as the chip truck

Pre-heat oven to 425. 4 large white potatoes* peeled & sliced into fries, tossed well with a good glug of olive oil. Spread spaciously on 2 cookies sheets (do not overcrowd). Place in oven flipping fries once after 8-10 mins. Watch them carefully and turn again if needed so that all sides are crispy & golden. Sprinkle with garlic powder or italian seasoning or malt vinegar & sea salt. I love mine dipped in ketchup ;-) for a mix substitute 2 of the potatoes with sweet potatoes - sweet potatoes cook quicker so add the white potatoes first then after 7-8 mins add the cookie sheet of sweet potatoes.


  1. Lord and Lady Nose at your house.

    Making your Thai soup recipe with homemade chicken stock, red peppers, carrots, corn, broccoli, shrimp, and bean sprouts tonight. Crazy hot garlic chili sauce on the side.

  2. Have you ever made squash fries?

    Cut an acorn or buttercup squash in half from top to bottom, scoop out the "guts", cut each half into about 1/2"-ish slices (with an acorn, I just cut along the naturally-occurring 'bumps' or ridges) and peel the hard skin off those slices. Toss w. oil to coat, arrange on a cookie sheet, sprinkle w. sea salt and broil (I put the oven rack in the middle - not too close to the element) until they're cooked through and a little crispy. Yu-um! We had these on the weekend, and I nearly fell off my chair when our 8-yr-old daughter asked for more!

    xo n

  3. John that Thai soup is the best soup I've ever had - ever. N ... we wish you had a blog to share all this cooking, Dad, design, photo life stuff - I love squash so will be trying this very soon. & Sybil make some, there's easy & delish xo Susan

  4. Fries are one of my Top 5 Favourite things in life...

    Do you have "Ziggy Peelgoods" over there? Chip truck fry heaven...I swear He is back there at the fryer...Hair up in a hair net...sacrelig?!...ah well...

    I'll have to try these!

  5. You have the most beautiful animals. Love these pensive shots of them.

  6. Hey Dee (I love fries too), thank you Judy & yes Angus our Miss Dixon is bit of a miracle girl. Doug calls her the Energizer Bunny - she's got a huge appetite (always a good sign), seems to have no arthritis and/or lameness and honestly some mornings I have to jog to keep up with her. Lucky, lucky me !
    xo Susan

  7. The first picture: the golden hour. The third picture: I feel like she's looking right into my heart.


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