call me crazy ...

Friday, January 25, 2013

do you remember this illustration from 2010 ? back when I was just gettin' my collage-a-thon on full tilt at that time. I've been cleaning out 5 years of computer files (yikes) and ya know I sure do have a lot of artwork & that's a good thing !

Ya huh ! call me crazy ... maybe
but don't ... call me maybe (ha ha ;-)

January - March end is e-university time here at 29 Black Street

I'm currently enrolled in two e-courses (& a third starts Feb 04th). I figured, goodness, I did it way back in my art collage days, flitting from course to course all within the same week and did it fairly successfully. Fingers crossed that I still have it in me.

The first e-cousre began Monday Module 2 of The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design the practical creative design, drawing, colour & illustration content thrills me, the technical content, the use of Photoshop and/or Illustrator is killin' me - I am determined to learn & to overcome my lack of skills in these departments - I have no choice, I'm holding myself back by not having these tools in my toolbox, these 2 programs are essential for me to learn to create the kind of work I have in my mind's eye. It's frustrating. The second e-course which begins Monday is c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y different - it's Flora Bowley's wild, intuitive painting course Bloom True where I'll learn to paint loose & wild & big - I can't wait ! February 4th it's Illustrator 101 over at Nicoles Classes (hooray !) and finally I'm signed up for 30 days of Photoshop Essentials etc. tutorials at


  1. Never stop learning.
    Hat's off to you!
    pamela, and the kids

  2. Wow!! Just wow!! To both you and this piece...

  3. Life IS an adventure. You rock !

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