Thursday, January 3, 2013

a meeting of the minds (& noses) our new friend Bella (7 months old) with Sam & Winnie / a welcome breath of green in our wintry wonderland / Oliver in a grooming frenzy with lil' bro Gus / sweet Bee from Christmas day / Oliver soakin' up the love / Thai-ish Shrimp ginger chilli stir fry

Tha-ish Gingery Chilli Shrimp Stir fry

1 medium onion chopped in chunks
1 large stalk of broccoli cut into florets & peel and cut stalk into chunks
1 carrot slice thinly on the diagonal
1 cup cabbage shredded
1 cup of frozen corn
1 cup of frozen peas
1/2 lb frozen raw zipper back shrimp thawed
lots of finely julienned fresh ginger (2" knob or more)
1-3 tbsp. garlic chilli sauce
2 cloves fresh garlic minced
1 tbsp. fish sauce (or to taste)
1 tsp. brown sugar (or to taste)
chopped unsalted peanuts
chopped fresh cilantro
sliced green onions

Cook shell on shrimp over medium-high heat with a little canola oil, 1-2 tbsp of ginger & garlic cloves until just pink & opaque put aside to cool, then peel. In a wok or large non stick frying pan drizzle a little canola oil and add remaining ginger and all chopped vegetables. Stir fry quickly over high heat. When carrots & broccoli are crisp tender add frozen peas & corn & continue cooking until heated through. Add chilli sauce, fish sauce, brown sugar. Stir in shrimp, pile on plates or in large bowls & garnish with chopped peanuts, fresh cilantro & green onions. Pass the hot sauce & enjoy !

I am totally hooked on this garlic chilli sauce & this hot sauce - yum.


  1. Hi Susan,
    HNY! So different seeing your post in the afternoon.
    Love all the photos - especially love Oliver sunning - what a great capture.
    I love the picture of Bea - any and all of her pictures are wonderful. How nice you got to spend some time together on Christmas.
    Best wishes,
    Kitty, USA

  2. I love that touching of noses :) That recipe looks like fun.

  3. Great photos, such a beautiful view from your window, love the doggie and cat pics, little Bea and your dinner looks delicious.
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. We could eat Thai Red Curry every day if the teen would allow it! Love it. My husband and I travelled to Thailand before our girl was born and we loooong to go back, if not just for the food! Also, those two chili sauces are staples in our pantry. Another reason that you and I are alike. Too much kismet. HAPPIEST NEW YEAR to you!

  5. those shrimp look seriously YUMMY!! we had fajitas for dinner - very nice :o)
    enjoy your weekend!! x

  6. Lol! I started using sriracha as the hot sauce for the breakfast burritos I make at the farmers' market. Frank's just wasn't cutting it, and Tabasco is merely laughable, but the sriracha is a real head-turner. It's especially good on a burrito (scrambled eggs, bacon/sausage w. homefries in a wh. wheat tortilla) with a drizzle of maple syrup. hot + sweet = YUM!
    xo, and happy new year! - n


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