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Thursday, February 14, 2008

more kitten love

The ever elusive, nocturnal tabby cat Gus and his buddy, sweetness, Oliver taking a much needed break from kitten ness. Tearing around this house, up and down the stairs like a small herd of elephants, pinging off the furniture like little extreme sport fanatics and pausing here and there for a round or two of crazed kitten wrestling. They make me smile, a million times a day.

Had a busy day yesterday finishing up a few more jewellery concepts for new big fish company. Monday and Tuesday more cute baby thumbnails for photo frame company No. Uno. Today I am taking the day off from design work, or at least the beginning portion of the day because today is the day I begin, today
I am decluttering my living room.

Any activity like this, something major like painting walls or floors, or a big reorganizing project it's essential that I begin early in the day when I'm in tip top energetic, invincible, there's-nothing-I-can't-do form. My first Peter Walsh (Organizational and De-Clutter guru) book arrived yesterday from the library and tomorrow is recycling pick up day - which means piles of magazines could be put in grocery bags and placed curb side.

Woke up to +10 temperatures (warm and balmy) after a night of heavy rain falling on top of drifts of snow. The temperature is plummeting through out the day and the roads are icy and treacherous. I'm not sure if Miss Dixon and I will drive anywhere this morning we may just go for a walk around the village, then home to have our breakfast and I will begin ... my battle with clutter ...


  1. That is one cute pile of fur. Good luck with the decluttering.
    I have a lot of it to do myself!

  2. I stopped by to check out fur babies too....looks like we all will be busy today...
    I must away to do some errands and then, vacuum up some dust buffaloes, do a few loads of laundry, bake some muffins for Greg's lunches... and biscotti for me..I like them for dipping in my tea. The freezer is empty of anything fun and sweet.

    We got another snow fall..but it was warm enough yesterday at -1C..... this morning is -5C but supposed to go to +5 by tomorrow... that would be nice ...

    Have a good decluttering day...

  3. HI, how about giving the magazines to a local kindergarten or childcare centre for them to cut up? Then you can override your attachment to them with feelings of virtuosity and generosity?! Or a old folks home, or a hospital waiting room...


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