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Monday, February 4, 2008

Maggy Sue stopping to chat with some squirrels high up in the tree

I'm sure many of you may have arrived here today with much trepidation after my fall, yesterday into a deep crevasse of anger & grief. Thankfully I did manage to climb out, the giant wave passed over me and yesterday was a very good day, all things considered.

It was sunny and crisp and the sky was as blue as skies ever are. I still had tears and lots of them, because everything reminds me of my boy. Every drive in the car, every song on the radio, every step I take I still expect him to be right there, beside me. I'm waiting, sadly, for my new normal to take hold. In writing this blog I have been surprised at my ability to be as open and candid and personal as I've been, it's actually been easy and feels really good. I believe that's why blogging has become so popular (both for the writer and for the reader). So many feelings we have are universal and yet so many of them we keep locked up and secret, we believe that they only belong to us. I almost always write early in the morning, the time of day I usually shine my brightest, full of hope and promise for the new day ahead of us. Lately, sometimes those early morning hours do seem the absolute darkest that I've known, yet I continue to type whatever is in my head at that 5:00 am hour, as I sit with my coffee. Yesterday was just a slice of the entire cake.

"Do ya ?" are Winnie Dixon's two favourite words. She cares less what words come after those two, because she's learned that whatever they are "yes ! I sure do !" is always her answer. Yesterday we had our regular walk through snow crusted pastures, down the cottage lane and along ice strewn shores in early morning sun. My friends Carol & Deb gabbed away, the three dogs Chandra, Maggy Sue & Winn ran and played and sniffed, and I was able to just walk along with them, mostly quiet as I was still climbing out and up at that point.

Back home to chores and a visit with my 85 year old neighbour Jean and it was soon time for our second walk, after lunch, at the golf course. By this time I felt back up on solid ground, up out of that freakin' crevasse and oh, what a beautiful walk it was. A hard layer of icy snow covered most of the course, hard enough to walk on top of. Winnie and Maggie, zooming around with tongues hanging out both from the pure joy of it all and from the busyness of running here and there, partners in crime in their quest for the catching of squirrels.

I felt like talking by this time. Lots about Jake and how I'd been feeling, but lots more talk about food and of days living in Montreal, and of this and of that and before we knew it, over an hour had past, and we were back at the car.

It was a perfect Sunday walk in every way, with our friends Deb and Maggy Sue and just what Winn & I needed.

this iced over stream is Muskrat Alley one of my terrier girl's favourite spots


  1. Write about whatever you need to Susan. It's your blog, your place, and I love the fact that you post every day when others would retreat and be silent with their grief. I look forward to reading about what's going on with you on the other side of the contintent, even when it's not bright and happy, which it so often is. It's a simple joy to be allowed in to your world.

  2. And, what a beautiful, perfect looking day it was too! Just like so many winter days here. I love the brilliant sun, the snow and blue sky. And, look at them racing over the crusty snow!

    It better be a dog blog!! hahahah.... I love dogs, (and cats too, especially Oliver!) and seeing as I can't have any .......I look at all the amazing pics you post of yours.

    How great to be able to wander the beach looking for sea glass and other treasures.... I don't know if you will see my comment on my blog 'bout the backsplash... but if you do decide to do even a focal point, I would suggest somehow putting the small pieces onto a backing of some sort (like the heavy mesh they used on small mosaic tiles) in order to get it onto the wall with minimal headache. You could do a coffee table top or top a small side table? That would be pretty.
    Years ago when I worked in a plywood plant. We all collected great looking "knot holes" that fell out all the time when working with the veneer. Finally we made... a coffee table top. We glued them onto the table; then poured over clear resin. A piece of glass over it all when it dried. However, they were all the same thickness so it was a bit easier..

    We had a skiff of snow overnight...but today dawns bright a clear.... gotta try to work on my mermaid today. Obsessed with the ocean, me! lol....

  3. merci J. I do declare that may have been the nicest comment I've received. Lovely to hear, especially now in my tender state. Thank you

    and you Miss Vee, oui bonjour to you my Western friend and you worked in a plywood plant, my that struck me funny I just for some reason can't picture that, but what a great idea your table. Thank you for the tip re: my beach glass back splash project. And I'm happy to say that sweet Oliver's coming up soon. So do stay tuned

  4. Hi,
    Id love to walk in that snow and make some footprints in that pristine white canvas.

    Recently i entered your giveaway draw... now you must (well, not must, but I invite you), come enter mine.

    Through a snow ball for me please.


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