Friday, February 8, 2008

gerbera daisies blooming in my upstairs hallway

I feel strangely quiet this morning ... a rare occurrence for me, for sure. Another lull. 2 weeks today without our boy Jake - how can that be ? How is it life has just gone on for 2 whole weeks, how is it that life without him in it ... is slowly beginning to feel normal ?

My upstairs hallway is large and very sunny. There's a big comfy arm chair positioned in front of a large window which had been a favourite spot for all of the dogs Em, Jake & Winnie Dixon over the years. Either to sit, eyes closed, basking in the sun or to keep watch at the most perfect look-out spot. Bark ! Someone dares to walk on our street ! or Bark ! Bark ! A courier just pulled up in front of our house. No need for a doorbell.

I have a jungle of tropical houseplants and small trees crowded in the corner near this large window and one pot of gerbera daisies, bought at the supermarket one day last spring. Miraculously they've survived both the summer in their pot outside and being brought back inside, cut back severely and plunked down in this spot in the upstairs hallway ... and pretty much forgotten about. Yesterday, when I remembered I should water the plants. These perky yellow blooms greeted me. Is there anything more happy and cheery than a gerbera daisy ?

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  1. No way! these are growing inside? after all of that? wow.... they are lovely. And, as you say, what a sweet treat to find sitting there in the sunlit viewing area. Perfect.

    I think all houses should be designed with a turret, or a sun nook or some little high window-ed area where we can watch the world go by. I live in a low sloped bungalow and have often jokingly tried to coax Mr. Bumblvee into going up... with, say, a small, hidden, spiral staircase leading from inside the pantry to my conning tower or my lighthouse ... I do have windows on most of the sides of the house...but wouldn't it be fun to have a tiny room ... full of sun... with some type of opaque shades.. so I see out and they don't see in..... where I could just sit with a cuppa and watch the birds...and especially to check on the back side of the house near the garage if I want to......of course, it would be even better if we could also just wish the house to a country or sea side setting... .....brother, what a dreamer!!

    Glad you are having a sunny day... our temps. have just dropped about 12 degrees in the past two hours...cold front blowing in and it is supposed to be -27C by afternoon... going up again by Sunday..


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