I can, I will

Monday, February 11, 2008

citrus green, cream and chocolate - from this past summer

We've woken up to a winter wonderland this morning. Lots & lots of snow down. Every branch and twig frosted with a thick layer of fresh, white, new snow.

I woke up with a flash at 4:00 am this morning worrying and fretting (sigh). About money mostly. It's a terrible habit that I have and everything always seems a thousand times worse in those wee hours of the morning. My solution is to get up, put the coffee on and begin the day and to remind myself, to chant to myself, as I pour my lavender and orange bubble bath ...

I can create the life I dream of. I will create the life I dream of ...

I must also remember and be grateful ... that in many ways I'm almost there.
Thank you.


  1. I went away on a weekend trip and when I returned, sitting in my mailbox was the pretty package of treasures from you. Thank you. They are lovely.

  2. you're very welcome Mary D in Texas.

  3. You ARE creating the life you dream of... period!

    You are doing the things you love...living a wonderful life in a quiet seaside haven...designing amazing pieces and actually getting paid for it. hahahah what could be better? Banish those thoughts to a distant back burner.

    Out temps. are up and down like a yo-yo this week. They missed the "high" yesterday by about 18 degrees though.. lol.... however, they are talking about a full blown Chinook by this Friday. Let's see if that materializes this time. Meantime...the latest snow still has roads in our cu de sac at the treacherous stage... so, if I can just make it out to the main one...I will be able to get to Safeway and the bank today. If not..who cares? I can go another day. Plenty of stuff in the pantry. As a matter of face we could live a month or so on what is in there... easily......
    Sure wish Mary in Texas and Judy in Kentucky and uh...just a sec... I check back a bit.. and also Anya in Colorado .. all had blogs. We would visit them too.

  4. You are very sweet Vee ! I did say that in many ways I an almost there ... I do definitely have some fine tuning and tweaking to do yet however. Financial security is a biggie !

  5. Hi Susan,
    Ive taken to coming to read your latest entry every morning after ive been for a walk and then to jumping to another old entry at random, to catch up on the posts you wrote before i found you.

    Heres what I found today in an old post. "It's amazing and wonderful how much things can change if you just hang in there. Something for me to remember the next time I'm wide awake at 2 in the morning having one of my fret fests - you have no idea what's just around the next corner in life." Im a bit like you I tend to get something in my mind and start to feel anxious about it, for really no reason. So this post was really an encouraging reminder to hand in there.



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