Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jake and endless sandbars at daybreak one morning this past summer

I love the contrast in this photo and if you look closely, and tilt your monitor just so, you will see Jake strolling along the middle sandbar.

I am tired this morning, I feel exhausted, that little voice in my head has been chattering away to me non stop for what seems like forever - days and weeks. My mind has been running marathons, running up and down hills at full tilt, stopping only to do the dishes, scoop kitty litter or fix the open basement window. I know that I'm the one who's supposed to be in control, to have the option to not think everything to death. I always seem to forget that I have that choice. Sigh. For the next couple of days (at least) I think I'm going to try and pretend that nothing is of an urgent nature in my life. Because nothing in my life is really that urgent ... I want and need to slow the pace down. I do desperately need to breath, deeply and just chill out.

Just read that first paragraph - I think I'm going to try - such commitment and enthusiasm.

One of the paintings that I just completed was of a little girls bedroom. On the wall of this bedroom were three paintings, a landscape, the word "dream" and this portrait of my sweet Noodle dog (smile). And speaking of paintings got another call from Val at customer No. Uno at 7:30 last night. Just in case I was thinking that I might begin tackling the de cluttering project again or maybe do a little housecleaning today - more design work. More paintings (smile) and this time with a sensible deadline (even bigger smile). So I actually can fit in a little de cluttering, a little housework, and oh yeah and I have to paint my office closet, trim & floors. Can you see why I might want to move. I want a bed sit in a historic building, or a teeny tiny house with a little back garden in a small city. So that my days are not continually filled with shoulds and instead can be filled up with wants.
  • my coffee this morning is delicious.
  • everything is covered with a perfect blanket of fresh snow.
  • I'm finding the upcoming US election and specifically the Democratic race absolutely fascinating, riveting.
  • I still heart Stephen Colbert ! and he's SO handsome. Really smart is the new handsome.
  • Rick Mercer, laughter is the best medicine
  • and hey Universe, this is where we'd like to move to.
nothing too urgent in those thoughts ... smile.


  1. Bonjour S. Yes, it's me, H!
    I'd love to compare techniques for slowing down and quieting thoughts, an ongoing and forever endeavour, don't you agree? Maybe on one of our walks....? I'll look forward to it!


  2. Yes ! Oui ! H. I look forward to our next walk & chat at the golf course. Another topic I'm mulling ... Expectations and the fine art of not having them. Painting and pondering this morning, my own great expectations.

  3. I love that picture of Noodle dog.
    So cute.

  4. hey that was weird....but if I cocked my head waaaaay down and the lower right of my screen...I can actually see him!
    Great shot!

    tx for stopping over at my place today......

    today I am doing a little nose on my bunny and trying to figure out some ain't going very quickly on her and that's fer sure...


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