true confessions part 2

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Miss Dixon, her snout in the snow, breathing in the heady aroma of field mouse

I live in a house that is terribly cluttered, piles of this and that, a billion magazines, lots of just stuff, some junk and many treasured items - all kind of mixed in together. Please refer to True Confessions part 1

I hate it, I always have hated it, it is the bane of my existence. Yet for some reason I seem unable to deal with it, to overcome this problem. I mostly feel, after severely analyzing the situation, for oh, about 7 years or so - overwhelmed. I don't know where to begin.

Another Oprah show this week, mostly listened to, as I sat at the big black table in my living room that's been my office since early January, putting the finishing touches on my meticulously neat and compulsively tidy production drawings (I am a total neat freak when it comes to my work ??) of my first jewellery collection with new big fish company - Oprah's guest Peter Walsh Clutter Guru. Organizing expert from the TLC show Clean Sweep and author of several books (all three of which I just ordered from the library). His new book Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat draws a direct connection from My No. 1 Issue in life to my No.2 Issue - extra pounds (at least 20 of them and that's probably being kind) that I've been carting around for far too long.

Last night I dreamt that Peter Walsh was in my house, following me around from pile to pile asking me questions like "when was the last time you looked at those piles of dusty Gourmet magazines ?" (sheepish smirk). My friend MLou recently told me about her own efforts to clear the clutter from her home office. Just in time for Chinese New Year, so that the luck of the new year could easily flow into her life. She made an appearance in this dream as well, cheering me on, as she so famously does. I am attached emotionally to stuff ?? and most of it, for no good reason that I can come up with. What happens when your home is like this is that treasured items become lost, they just become part of a pile - muddled in with all the other stuff and junk. I do fear that my dear boy Jakes ashes might fall into this same predicament - stuck in a pile somewhere keeping company with a bunch of meaningless things. That would be so sad.

* speaking of Jake, I dreamt about him last night (sigh, relief, smile). Our famous chase dreams, once again he was on the run, happily galloping away from us like a young canine stallion, teasing us (Winn, Em & I) with glimpses of his beautiful red coat disappearing just up ahead, around the next corner. We miss you and we love you always.

I do love a deadline so I have given myself 16 weeks - until the end of May. 16 weeks to go through this entire house, pitch, yard sale or donate and keep track of my diet in a food journal. My mantra ...

Action = Motivation = More Action

and one of the two New Years Resolutions that did gel in my mind.

Just begin ...

Every Sunday morning for the next 16 weeks I will report my progress here in a line at the bottom of my daily post

icy shores, Winn's walking pal Channy a 10 year old black Lab

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  1. It's so great that you and the walking friends go out so regularly with les chiens. They love it so much.

    I, too, must "just begin".... gotta get back on my treadmill to strengthen my foot which I broke last year...and to get going with some cardio. I won't even be able to keep up to my old guys on the golf course if I don't get a move on. They are 90 and 85 and 76... and expect me... the "young un" as they call be out there every Wednesday rain or shine. They always joke about never knowing if it is their last game so...they go no matter the weather. Last year I couldn't golf at all all summer with the foot...but the previous year.. I wimped out one time;they went to the thrift store and bought me some little purple rubber boots. (kids size ..hahhah) .. Then, made a big to do of presenting them to me at the end of the game when we have coffee and kibitz for an hour. The whole patio had a good laugh. so... this year..I better be ready... my shoulder is giving me a bit of grief too... so better get on with a few things...arrgghhh...why does everything have to fall apart after ..uhm..? ... 35? ......

    Arora loves the sea treasures as much as I do......tx again for that Susan...


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