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Thursday, February 21, 2008

red gerbera daisies

Oh my ! I wish I could say I felt like this photo. Maybe it's like the power of positive thinking. You know how they say if you put a smile on your face you will eventually feel happy, your mind will eventually catch up with your grin. It's not that I'm un-happy. It's melancholy, I'm longing for times gone by. I've planted my feet in the past and I'm staying there for awhile. I just can't believe how much life can change, in what seems like an instant, how nothing ever stays the same. Sometimes that's a good thing I suppose and sometimes you just wish you could stay cozy and snug in that one perfect spot, curled up on your bed with your big red dog.

I wish I could report that I watched the lunar eclipse last night. It was a cold crystal clear night here in our little village. Perfect viewing conditions. It's been such a long time since I've set the alarm on my clock radio I forgot how to do it ... and my attempts to wake up again at 11:00pm were foiled by sound sleep.

BFF Harry took me with him to town yesterday, we drove in his pick up truck. We each had lots of little errands to do and we finished up at one of my favourite places in the world - the Superstore. I love food and I do love to cook and grocery shopping is never a chore for me, especially at a place like this. They don't call it the Superstore for nothin'. A place where you can buy organic baby arugula, meyer lemons, vidalia onions, fresh cilantro & big long stalks of lemongrass. There's a bakery, a fish market and a florist's shop. The florist shop area has a big sky light above it and yesterday a huge patch of blinding sun was shining down on an area just bursting with spring. Bundles and pots of tulips in every colour, yellow and white daffodils, the air heady with the incredible scent of hyacinths, the scent of spring and lots of little pots of cheery, happy gerbera daisies.


  1. The florist shop bursting with spring colors and sunshine sounds wonderful. (We are bracing for an ice storm here.) Also, sleeping soundly sounds like a blessing.

  2. By dose iz stuffed....just got home from a massage. Haven't had one for months and have massage head. I feel like a slightly pummeled flower.

    Just wanted to drop in to say hello ... Sunny here for now..+10C ....but supposed to be snow by Sunday... It will be a while before I see any natural greenery happening around here...but I guess a person could always do the florist route. to watch the Dog Whisperer...I love Cesar.....


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