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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gussie on his favourite window sill

A short post this morning ... I have another busy day today drawing & painting cuteness for customer No. Uno. She called last night at 8pm as she was driving home with one more painting idea and could I have it to her by noon the next day. Of course. Yes ! I never ever say No to work, I never have, and likely never will. So this morning a hot bubble bath and Miss Dixon and I will stroll the village as the sun comes up. I tidied up my desk last night, than goodness. That's such a great habit to get into, especially when you're busy. As much as you'd like to just leave it, the mess, the paintbrushes scattered everywhere the papers strewn about. It's so lovely to sit down at a tidy clean surface and begin my day of churning out cute.

Some things I'm thinking about.
  • moving
  • HSP the highly sensitive person (makes so much sense)
  • decluttering, getting rid of my shit ... as if I am moving
  • what do I want ?
  • my sweet Noodle dog, endlessly
  • true friendship
  • my sister, who really doesn't get me, but seems to loves me anyway
  • spring


  1. I left you a comment last night, but left it on the "lost" entry accidentally. I have wondered how you came to live in that big house in the tiny, tiny town. My town here in the colorado mountains is very tiny too...5000 in the entire county. I, however, live a 35 mile round trip away from town! Sometimes moving is exactly the right thing to do.

  2. I am married with three grown children, but I am very much a loner and you could place my name next to almost all of the characteristics of an HSP. My sister, she doesn't get me either.
    I usually dread going to social situations, but once I'm there I'm often glad I went. Strange. Where would you move to? Another town, or just another house?

  3. Just came across your blog. You are so talented and just the odd egg I love.

  4. I happen to think that most of us who blog are HSPs... because if we weren't...well, we would be out there, wouldn't we? Out in the real, noisy, phony world. Just "doing" all the things the "others" do.. ... but, instead, we are in here. Right IN the computer world of virtual friends where we didn't have to actually socialize in person initially just to find each other. Which is not to say that if we actually knew each other in person; having met each other on here...that we would be adverse to doing that. But, to actually find like minded people out there in the hustle bustle... I am just not into that.
    My sister lives a 7 hour drive away; sure wish she lived closer. she is a social butterfly; always seems to be doing and going... and I can't understand that either.....she can't understand me liking to be quiet or be at home as much as I like to be.. however, I do think she and others like her never actually stop "doing" long enough to figure things out and then...every so often...they crash big time. I think I prefer my way of living..

    I know you are grasping at straws right now... tossing around a number of ideas in your effort to just keep afloat....and moving may seem a good idea right now... but, why did you move here in the first place? Is it the size of the house that is daunting? the town itself? the size of the town? it just because Jake is not there now? ... I think here are a lot of things to contemplate before just packing up and moving. Wouldn't it be the same right now no matter where you live? Just tossing out a few thoughts of my own here. It is always good to see and hear ideas of others in situations where you are floundering.....and some times it is best to just do nothing much until you sort through plenty of them along with all of your own musings.

    Just keep swimming...just keep swimming.... kind of like Dory in Nemo.. 'til you figure it out...

    big hugs,... sure wish I did live closer Susan...I would definitely walk right over there, hang out in your messy house and just yak and drink tea and pet me some cats.... ..... ....

    hugs to you and the fur babies....

  5. I have to agree with Vee that you're mulling over a lot right now, seems like the front of your brain is engaged in work, work, work, while the back is chewing away at some pretty big issues. Moving sounds appealing, but that might just be a temporary reaction to feeling overwhelmed and a bit off-balance.
    I was rereading your posts from last summer and fall, things seemed to be going really well for you, lots of joy and good spirits. You've been there before, you know the way, it'll just take time to get there again.

  6. odd ? moi ? s’il vous plait :-)

    this morning as a sat with my coffee to type today's’ post I thought to myself along with a large yawn, BORING. But the thoughts of not posting at all or leaving one of those “ I’m taking a break from my blog, be back sometime soon ...” messages just didn’t seem like an option. Boring is better than nothing at all, I finally decided. So I am surprised to see so many comments and so early in the day. And as usual, and not at all a surprise, so much profoundness, comradery & kindness hanging out amongst those sentences.

    My busyness swirl continues. I met my crazy cuteness, noon deadline, I’ve never painted an illustration so fast ... Dropped off the wagon at the garage to be safety inspected (fingers crossed) and now I must attempt to put a dent in the ongoing squalor. Big questions will be answered I promise. How did I get here? nearly 15 years ago. Actually this Friday it will be the exact 15 year anniversary (now that’s a bit freakin’ freaky – or it’s a big ol’ sign, my choice). And why is it I do believe it’s time to move on ? Another very good question. And believe me I have lots of answers, I have a list a mile long.

    And ... of course ! Duh. It makes so much sense, we are all HSP’s. I just bonked myself on the head like those “I could have had a V-8” commercial.

    Thanks so much for hanging in there with me and for always making me feel OK. Thanks, S.

  7. ps. Anya, read your comment on "lost" that's very sweet of you to want to send me something via post. email me again and I'll send my full address.
    thanks :-)


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