14 more things (part 3)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

cavallini love

This beautiful Cavallini card sat atop red tissue paper upon opening my latest 14 things parcel. This package came to me from Austen @ Stripey Pebble in Toronto.

14 things Part 3

1. a beachy thing - stripey pebbles from stripey pebble - beach stones return home to their much loved families here in Nova Scotia
2. a papery thing - Canadian Living July issue and a special recipe issue - she's a Copy Editor.
3. a thing that cost less than $1 - a sweet blue tin with a lid - a place to keep treasure
4. a red thing - a handmade red (my favourite colour) vinyl pencil case
5. something found in the back of a drawer - a strawberry huller, two more weeks ... 'til strawberry season
6. something starting with the first initial of your middle name - "B" a little bag of vintage buttons. smile
7. something that once was alive - a maple key, the twirling seed pod of our maple trees
8. a soft thing - lovely hand knit cotton face cloths in beautiful colours
9. a food item traditional to your area - treats from Ace Bakery (a haunt of mine when I lived in TO), little crisp crostini bread with raisins and cranberry.
10. something that delights you - McBloom's bath salts - I love the scent !
11. something that once was useful - a TTC (Toronto Transit Commission ticket) and a frequent buyer card from the Trident coffee & books shop in Halifax. Well stamped.
12. favourite candy/chocolate bar - Green & Black's organic 70% dark chocolate. yum !
13. favourite hand written recipe - Austen's best scones -perfect for my upcoming strawberry shortcake season - and now I have a strawberry huller too.
14. a tea bag of your favourite tea - a bag of each English & Irish breakfast teas ... and thoughts about a possible Canadian breakfast tea (very Orange Pekoe -ish I would think)

hey there's la beast rouge, in the background, hangin' outside her home

package contents - spread out on the grass in our back garden

Thanks Austen for another perfect and lovely 14 things parcel.

Happy Sunday.


  1. Wow, nice goodies!

    What exactly is this 14 things, thing? I've seen you post on it before. Who participates? Looks fun.

  2. what a fun exchange Susan! Lovely little gifties!

  3. Ahh, English and Irish teas. Very good choices Loved reading through Trident's site, btw. It so fun to be able to kind of visit places one would never even know about otherwise.


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