lily bells & storm clouds

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

lily of the valley from the front garden

Which reminds me - I must get out in the front yard and dig up a few clumps of these little treasures to put in my back gardens. They don't mind shade, they multiply like mad and the scent is to die for.

This morning as I sit comfy and cosy in my tidy office, wrapped up in my chenille-ish housecoat, hot coffee by my side, there's a cool breeze coming in the wide open windows and the sky over the harbour is black with storm clouds. Along with the sounds of the lobster boats and the happy chirping squeaks and whistles of the finches in my yard we can hear, off in the distance yet, rumbles of thunder. I do love a thunder and lightening storm but I'm afraid Miss Winnie Dixon would beg to differ although she seems to tolerate it as long as she can be jammed up beside me or safe and sound in her cave like den under my desk. I love a dark and stormy sky. Fortunately (or unfortunately) the storm seems to be moving sideways and not coming directly in over us. A few flashes of lightening and grumbling rolls of thunder but far off in the distance.A little bit of rain ... and everything smells incredibly fresh ... it's the smell of green.

And speaking of green ... La Red Beast and I spent some quality time together yesterday at lunchtime so that's another of my favourite chores off the list, for perhaps another 7 days. I do try to push the time between mowings as far as possible.

I finally, finally finished a home decor/gift project (from new Chicago big fish customer) that I'd been working on forever it seemed. For too long. As much as I complain from time to time about customer No. Uno's crazy I need it yesterday time lines, there is something very satisfying about the rush of on-demand creativity and the flurry of a very tight deadline. I'm a momentum kinda girl. I'd much rather those in and out of here projects that linger on my desk only for a few days and merci ! I have another of that particular variety on drawing board at present. Smile.

Well ... it looks as though the storm has passed.


  1. So pretty! I can almost smell them...

  2. Lily of the valley are so fresh, dainty and pretty. They remind my of my Great Aunt Winnie, who always grew them.

    I love a nice dark grey sky, too. Always lovely against brown earth.

  3. Lily of the valley is my favourite, favourite flower. Their scent absolutely transports me. Every spring, if I can find a sprig, I carry it around with me, sniffing it, for as long as the scent lingers. My grandmother had a ton of them planted alongside her house, so they have a lot of pleasant associations.

    I'm another one of those people who loves thunderstorms. I love any kind of weather that isn't a perfect sunny day. Perfect sunny days are boring, in my opinion. Give me rain, thunder, snowstorms, big winds...I love it all.

  4. hear ya Patti girl ! I'm not a sunny day kinda girl either, and never really have been.

    And yes, my little bouquet of Lily of the Valley has my whole office smelling incredible!

  5. Beautiful. My gramma always gave me little bottles of lily of the valley perfume, so there are some lovely childhood memories. I haven't smelled it so long, now I think I'll have to find some.

  6. If I could give you an award Susan, it would be for being the best blog photographer I've come across. Your photos are so well crafted, lit, etc. I love to come here and the way you have your leading give so much room t breathe. It's very inviting.

    More wonderful photos and descriptions of storms far off. Love it.

    "there is something very satisfying about the rush of on-demand creativity and the flurry of a very tight deadline.:
    ==I wish I could say the same but, alas, no. It probably serves you well being on your own up there.

    I love Lilly of the Valley too but never see it around here.


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